Political Blog Directory

  • DigiPoop
    DigiPoop is a progressive political messaging blog examining the communications strategies of all major candidates during the 2016 election.
  • Chicken Fried Politics
    Chicken Fried Politics is the one-stop spot for politics, Southern style, covering the latest political news across 14 Southern states. Published by an award-winning former CNN journalist, our site is non-partisan, analytical and authoritative.
  • Alt Right
    A blog dedicated to the growing Alt Right movement.
  • Practical Utopian
    The Practical Utopian is intended as a library of political design.
  • POTUS 2016
    Are you well enough informed to make the right decision come 2016?
  • Broken Laughter
    Broken Laughter is a blog by a middle aged Midwesterner with musings about politics, current events, food and popular culture.
  • Reardon Reports
    Reardon Reports is the source for news on and analysis of politics in New Hampshire from an insider’s perspective. Coverage is accurate and independent and – full disclosure – the product of a longtime Democrat.
  • Slapjabpost
    Lacking political correctness and with occasionally biting satire, our goal is to give a fresh persepctive on today's issues.
  • Pareto Politics
    A community where diverse political ideologies converge to learn from each other in order to break the gridlock of political divides.
  • Moron Majority
    Moronmajority.com is a political blog for the intelligent minority in this country. Our goal is to once again become the majority! "Scientia Potentia Est" - Knowledge is Power!
  • Something to Consider
    Tackling broken political dialogue head-on with challenging, thought-provoking questions to get you curious and jump-start your next great political conversation.
  • The Moral Middle
    Politics, life and a little religion from a moral middle perspective.
  • The Write Direction
    Conservative political blog for the regular American.
  • Clizfeed
    Commentary and collection of political and legal news.
  • Commonsense Concepts
    A conservative blog.
  • The Feehery Theory
    Republican commentator on the political landscape.
  • Richard Schmitt
    Thoughts about current events from a left-leaning perspective.
  • Conservative Musings
    Our goal is to have intelligent discussion of the topics of the day. We realize everyone has their opinion and they should be allowed to express it in a discussion forum without calling each other names.
  • Marshall in the Middle
    A politically moderate blog focusing on current issues and possible solutions to a failed government.
  • Peace and conflict politics
    Essays and analysis of political conflict with particular emphasis on Israel and the Middle East. Focuses on deliberation, politics, and communication.
    A CONSERVATIVE HUSBAND, FATHER, AMERICAN LOOK AT THINGS. SMALL GOVERNMENT! BIG NATIONAL DEFENSE! LOW TAXES! My mission is to tell you what is going on and my conservative opinion on it. I welcome and appreciate your questions, concerns, input, and suggest
  • Renaissance Politics
    A political blog dedicated to the thoughtful and creative review of the political issues of the day.
  • Our Voices
    Don't be fooled by the political talking points. Let's discuss the real issues.
  • European-American Blog
    A left-of-center blog, primarily devoted to politics, but also to international travel, leisure, cultural issues and sociological commentary.
  • America's Son
    A conservative blog that intends to keep serious political matters light-hearted, yet realistic. The goal of this blog is to captivate those who have previously divorced themselves from the political world, and reintroduce them to the unfamiliar side of
  • My Spin On Things
    A political and current events blog that offers a 360 degree view on news stories and well-informed opinion articles.
  • Right Wing Sucks
    A Left Wing blog focusing on politics, news, and more.
  • Lionboi Blues & News
    The rantings and ravings of a humorous, liberal lesbian on everything political; from the Iraq War to Christian Conservatives and the U.S. Congress.
  • Kerfuffle
    This blog is generally focused international affairs and may cover American foreign policy, international political economy, development issues
  • Politikon Zoon
    Politikon Zoon deals with political theory and practice.
  • Dr. PoliJava
    This blog is designed to allow a free flowing conversation on interesting developments in American politics. I hope it will be a place that attempts to probe political life and provide answers to the often confusing tone of American politics.
  • Ilya Shlyakhter's published letters to the editor
    Published letters to the editor. On: health policy, israel, politics, hypocrisy, religion, science, war on terror, dignity, iraq, poverty, policy ideas, malpractice reform, self-censorship, hidden costs, fairness
  • Lost Nation.tv
    Lost Nation TV is packed with multi-media political news and satire featuring commentary by author and journalist Jack McEnany, original video of presidential candidates campaigning in New Hampshire, and new political cartoons by John Klossner.
  • AmericansDebate.com Blog
    Editorials and Current Events from a Liberal perspective.
  • MiseryWatch
    Fact-based commentary on politics, current events and the Bush administration.
  • WatchingPolitics
    We do news, commentary and research. We cover stories not easy to find in the mainstream press.
  • Gravier House Press
    In addition to commentary on the hottest legal and political issues, such as gay marriage, the Bush Doctrine, Ray Nagin, activist judges, and tort reform, visit Gravier House Press for cutting edge insights into the state of the novel, literature, music a
  • PunditMom
    My blog is focused on the commentary about politics, motherhood, the law and lifestyle issues, from the perspective of a political mom.
  • A Good Choice . . . for Ohio
    Merrill Samuel "Sam" Keiser, Jr. shares his thoughts on God, the world, Ohio, the issues and his campaign for United States Senate, etc. "Sam" is a Democratic candidate for the U. S. Senate in 2006.
  • Your Civic Doody
    We eat the news for breakfast. Read what is left behind.
  • Civic Rule
    Promoting political action through open discussion of politics, news, and current events.
  • The Mark Riley Show
    News and analysis from a progressive point of view. Mark Riley separates rhetoric from real progress.
  • Bosco's UK
    Commentary on current UK issues. This site supports the need for much stronger awareness of consequences within what should be a civic society. A massive focus on deference and virtue from a young age accompanied by harsh punishment is the only way now.
  • Politics Line
    Columns from over 150 national columnists from Pat Buchanan on the right to Jimmy Breslin on the left updated every morning. Each column has a Discussion section for you to voice your opinion on the author's topic.
  • Iowa True Blue
    Everything you need to know about Iowa politics by Gordon R. Fischer, former chair of the Iowa Democratic Party.
  • Clear Commentary
    Thoughtful, conservative, and lucid commentary that combines historical analogies and carefully selected evidence to bolster arguments.
  • Jesus Said
    Being reminded of what Jesus Said might make a difference in how we begin to live our lives.
  • Citizen Journal
    Confronting loony liberals, debating the future of American conservatism and occasionally talking sports, one day at a time.
  • altara
    A blog dealing with politics and culture. At times, comment; other times false news under heading of SUB-ROSA NEWS.
  • South Dakota War College
    Issues, campaigning, and South Dakota politics from a Republican point of view.
  • The Political Critic
    Political blog that presents a critical view of Democrats and Republicans. Unlike liberal blogs and conservative blogs, we attempt to be critical of the left and the right.
  • whereIstand
    Where do you stand on the issues? Participate and speak your mind.
  • The Hue and Cry
    A call to arms from the "Rational Left" for honesty, intelligence, and accountability in America.
  • LawsWatch
    Reporting on the activity of disgraced MP, now Mayor of Wanganui New Zealand, Michael Laws.
  • Dog Politics - Wake Up And Smell The Dog
    The Political Blog For Dog Owners - Covering Anti-Dog Legislation & Policy - Political News and Commentary
  • Fucked Up Country.com
    Talking about the "fucked up" state of the United States from outsourcing to violence.
  • SwMo Libertarian
    A semi-regular personal rant against all things bland and predictable, like "liberal vs. conservative politics" and "two political parties is all America needs"-style BS reasoning.
  • Hopperbach
    A right-hopping rabbit who is doing his part to gnaw away at the root of the liberal problem.
  • Idealistlefty
    A running political commentary through the eyes of idealist leftys.
  • A Middle American Man's View of the World
    Serving as an outlet of common sense thinking.
  • Peter Porcupine
    Conservative Peter Porcupine, inventor of political attack ads during the Revolution and jailed for sedition by the Founding Fathers, looks down at the current political scene especially in Massachusetts.
  • Stop the NWO
    Tracking the current atmosphere in the world of globalist political actions, the terrorism problem and the false left - right paradigm.
  • Chronically Pissed
    A relentless, no-holds-barred diatribe from a liberal who can no longer contain his rage. Contains explicit, vulgar and singularly offensive content aimed at the Bush Administration, the religious right, Bill O'Reilly and other similarly insipid jacka
  • Top of My Head
    Anti-Bush, Pro-American
  • James A. Long
    Politics, Society & Public Policy for Centrists.
  • There is No Second Place
    This is a search for the truth -- an attempt to find out what is real.
  • Words Light Fires
    Mark Twain or Samuel Clemens if you prefer said it best, "Words Light Fires" and that they do....
  • The Uncooperative Blogger
    Brian Bonner’s Opinions On Politics And News. Informative, Honest And No Holds Bared!
  • Eagle Cries
    Middle of the road concerns about the future of our great country.
  • Elect Mitt Romney President in 2008 Blog!
    This blog was created to discuss the presidential candidacy of Mitt Romney in 2008, included will be news articles and links with such information.
  • Fresh Salad
    Because Democratic politics should be like a fresh salad and not the stale leftovers that we are too often handed.
  • LeftIndependent
    A blog for Americans not constrained by the partisanship dogma and dictates of America's right wing dominated two party system.
  • Blog of the Nation
    Discussion on current events, politics, news, government, and more.
  • Moderates Revenge
    Moderates revenge, a chance to hear the view from the middle, featuring (relatively) sane discussions. Political extremism or personal attacks get deleted, no exceptions.
  • RockThrower
    Occasional Missives on Politics
  • Government Cheese
    Discussion of Lo-Carb Diets such as Atkins and the Zone, and how U.S. Government nutrition policy is killing Americans.
  • The Political Rant
    We try to align ourselves not with the New York Times, nor with Fox News, but rather, present ourselves as independent intellectuals, concerned with increasingly dangerous levels of societal ignorance.
  • Socioeconomics
    Blog on social theories and global political economics.
  • A More Irrational Point of View
    WHat started out as a forum for serious discussion quickly spiraled out of control, and it looks like its going to stay that way, all are invited to post comments, via blog user or anonymous.
  • Blah3
    Bitching about one thing or another since 1997.
  • BloggerRadio.com
    Liberal & Progressive Political Commentary
  • Poopy Caca
    News satire about Pop Culture, Politics, the Media and Los Angeles Written by Joe Wilson
  • American Author Peter de Krassel - What America Has To Do To Survive New World Disorder
    A post 9/11 guide on how Americans can reorient and clean up their act to survive, thrive and continue to guide in the 21st century.
  • Bittersweet
    conservative views
  • Damn Right
    A conservative Republican housewife who loves God, believes in her President, and supports our troops.
  • Clay Feet Expressions
    Clay Feet Expressions addresses alternative postmodern ministry philosphy.
  • Local Tint
    Observations of politics and culture in Birmingham, Alabama, the US, and the world.
  • Bamacrat
    Politics in Alabama
  • Dissecting Rightism
    Exposing the hideous reality of the right-wing agenda and debunking the specious propaganda of ugly rightists.
  • American Regression
    Full feature rant on political hot topics of the day. Reminding Americans what it means to be a Citizen at every opportunity. Comes complete with gay sensabilities and Regressed anger.
  • Right Angle Blog
    A discussion of Cleveland politics, news, issues and current events
  • Agitprop
    A weblog about politics, power, truth, lies, and political propaganda in the American Empire.
  • Happily Stuck in Ithaca
    Political and personal posts from a gay progressive Democrat in Ithaca, NY
  • Mixter's Mix
    A progressive view of the world. A little bit of everything, for variety's sake.
  • SkipperStyle
    A look at national politics and international relations with a liberal point of view.
  • The Politics Post
    The column dedicated to individual liberty, personal responsibility and fiscally sound policies.
  • Ya Libnan!
    Ya Libnan! is your guide to the Lebanese revolution... With reports live from Beirut, you can count on up to date coverage of the latest events as the people march for freedom!
  • Little Winds
    Liberal News and Commentary Left-wing merchandise
  • PBD - Progressive Blog Digest
    This blog is composed of clips and links from other progressive blog and news sites, accompanied by my own observations and opinions. They concern my main preoccupations with the Bush administration, the GOP generally, and right wing pundits and commentat
  • The Rambling Taoist
    The predominant perspective in the western world is derived from a Judeo-Christian viewpoint. This has led to dualism; people have become estranged from the environment, each other and themselves. This blog is written by a Taoist. See if you can discern a
  • The Future is a Foreign Country
    This blog is an accompaniment to my forthcoming book 'The Future is a Foreign Country'. The book charts the entire history of the EU, reveals all the lies and fictions about the euro and the constitution, and argues that those of us who are aware of what
  • Just To The Left
    A youthful and humorous take on current events and our government.
  • zenophobia: enlightened fear
    Observations of the ordinarily bizarre world of Journalistic reporting, religious zealotry and evolution news.
  • Vast Right Wing Attack Blog
    Conservative and Libertarian Political Opinion on the world around us. Dedicated to the exposure of liberals, Marxists, communists and other left wingers.
  • Oval Office 2008
    An impartial, non-partisan blog on the race for the White House in 2008
  • The Abercrombie View
    My views on religion, politics and the world around us
  • media girl
    A community blog of, by and for women (interested) in media ... and politics ... and feminism
  • Moof's Monologues
    Focuses primarily on politics, law and relevant international news that isn't covered in the media as deeply as it should be, along with my commentary.
  • Constantly Amazed, Yet Never Surprised
    Observations of politics and society, from the perspective of an independent liberal.
  • Knappster
    Blog of libertarian Democrat author and activist Thomas L. Knapp
  • Delivering Hope
    Political, philosophical, and theological musings relying on common sense and decency, and exalting hope and possibility over cynicism and despair.
  • Phil Smith
    Musings from an independent American
  • The Proponent of Reason
    A Democrat's Bully Pulpit in Cyberspace.
  • Going to the Mat
    Collected thoughts about politics, local and national news and the occaisional whimsey.
  • Lest Darkness Fall
    An expression of personal freedom designed to educate people about the meaning and importance of freedom and personal responsibility. Topics will include current events, historical analysis, gun control and firearms rights, education, politics and more. I
  • The Punditocracy
    A colaborative blog featuring a Democrat, a Republican, and a libertarian.
  • Ramblings from Regular Ron
    A Regular guys take on the world of Politics...Pop Culture...Wine...Music...and Books
  • A Better Nation
    Politics, Perspective, Context, Culture - A sharply skeptical and deeply hopeful discussion of American life
  • MoxieGrrrl
    An angry girl with a computer and a dream... Political commentary from a liberal thinker.
  • National Summary
    National Summary provides analysis and commentary for the investigative voter on international, national, political, electoral, fiscal, military, social, and cultural issues from a conservative perspective.
  • Right And Wrong
    Right-leaning libertarian commentary, with splashes of pop culture stuff likely tossed into the mix. Etc. Semolina Pilchard and a guest blogger Officer Friendly.
  • The New Democrat
    A look at the radical center of the Democratic party, and what needs to change so Democrats can win again.
  • GotDesign
    Foreign Policy, the Intelligence Community, General Politics, and Miscellaneous Musings
  • LightUpTheDarkness
    Progressive views and insight on the values and policies for the foundation of a Democratic 21st Century.
  • Shakespeare's Sister
    A progressive blog for all manner of punditry, analysis, debate, and complaint.
  • Dawn of A New America: The Right LEFT Story
    Mostly political commentary and info a little left of center. Some fun and some serious.......best wishes
  • sustainablog
    Sustainablog is dedicated to news, information and personal meanderings related to environmental and economic sustainability, green and sustainable business, and environmental politics.
  • Dissent Channel
    Dedicated dissent and media criticism with snarky asides and good old fashioned earnestness thrown in. We care, y'all.
  • CoolParty.us
    Young Libertarians blog here.
  • Tinfoil Hat Pundit
    A Satirical Look At Serious Issues.
  • LibertyGuys
    Let's start with who we're not. We're not conservatives, we're not college professors, we're not lawyers and we're not hippies. We're just regular ol' US citizens who recognize the need to expand the scope of libertarian thought to counter the constrictio
  • Vorticity
    Politics, Religion and Other Impolite Topics, (from a conservative point of view)
  • The Blog of M'Gath
    Comments on current issues from a pro-freedom, pro-reason standpoint.
  • Sardonic Side Show
    Blog by stand up comic and political satirist Tina Dupuy. Keeping the hair blond and the mood black!
  • Random Thoughts: Unfair and Unbalanced
    Politics and current affairs from a liberal viewpoint by a Nevada teacher.
  • The Center Ring
    A Democratic blog with a centrist viewpoint exhorting the party to Hold the Base; Take Back the Center!
  • The Urban Grind
    A look at current events, politics and life in general from the perspective of a conservative woman in Manhattan
  • NO Bulletin
    your source for lively discussion about the current governmental and political scene
  • Crackednews
    Political humor, parody news, and satire for those who don't believe everything they read but read it anyway.
  • John Deeth Blog
    Too old to be cool, too young not to care in Iowa City
  • Blog Spectrum
    Each week the Blog Spectrum team will address one issue at a time. This is a civil effort, with many broad points of view (Liberals, Libertarian’s, Conservatives, Moderates, and all the rest); we are not going to be indulging in word games when respondi
  • Follow Me Here...
    "You can only tell the shapes of things by looking at their edges..." Follow me, here you'll find edgy social commentary, criticism, cynicism, conjunctions and conundrums, outrage. Recent scientific, technical and healthcare developments. Occasional rants
  • Reality Based Nation
    Progressive journal for political news, analysis, commentary, and satire
  • NewsBlog 5000
    Trying too hard to bring you your news.
  • DSS Hubris
    DSS Hubris is a foreign policy and defense issues blog, focusing on the War on Terror and the National Security Strategy of the United States.
  • C-Pol: Constitutionalist, Conservative Politics
    Thoughts on politics, culture and religion from a constitutionalist, conservative perspective.
  • Red State Diaries
    The musings of an Alabama moderate in a country that isn't as divided as it thinks.
  • Swami Uptown
    Commentary on politics and religion from liberal magazine writer Jesse Kornbluth.
  • Cosmic Milk
    Universal wisdom in an easily digestible pill. Side effect include death and/or nausea.
  • 84rules
    A Conservative News and Commentary Blog with the expressed purpose of revealing the facts and stories that the Mainstream Press routinely and deliberately ignores.
  • Free Speeches: Where Free Speech is Spoken
    Free Speeches features video taken from speakers of various political persuasions. They are chosen to be poignant and relevant regarding their respective topics; and to envigor the discussion on current events.
  • 24 Hours To Live
    Surviving Iraq, Surviving Bush
  • Politically Inclined Heretic
    Daily commentary on political, international, and cultural news with a fairly non-partisan, thoughtful perspective.
  • A Stitch in Haste
    A collection of real-world libertarian, individualist and laissez-faire rants on policy, culture and other current events by an average, everyday gay lawyer & investment banker and part-time pop scholar.
  • TrinPundit
    political blog featuring commentary on politics, the media, and occasionally sports
  • I Want My Country Back!
    A progressive political website dedicated to exposing truth, revealing lies, and reminding the world that the political left is strong, patriotic, and morally sound!!
  • Hipublican Dot Com
    Hip, Conservative and On Point
  • GOPInsight.com
    GOPInsight.com is a site with a focus on politics. With the awesome 2004 Presidential victory comes a new challenge .. the challenge to keep a conservative representation in Washington D.c. .. That is what GOPInsight.com is all about!
  • Confederate Yankee
    Political and social commentary above the Manson-Nixon Line.
  • Apologies Demanded
    Right-wing politics, God, theology, philosophy, history, comic books, and everything tied into one hard-liner's views of truth and justice
  • Junto Boyz
    Business & Technology, Politics, and Random Posts from the Left, Right, and Elsewhere
  • Disconnected Rumblings
    I will talk about whatever crosses my mind at that point. Expect reactions to Republican attacks and propaganda.
  • Maggie Thatcher's Underpants
    Because politics is a messy business
  • On The Road To 2008
    Commentary on issues as we countdown to the next opportunity to change the direction of America.
  • meat-eating leftist
    liberals with balls.
  • Existential Crisis
    Libertarian blog by Canadian High School Senior.
  • What's In Scott's Head?
    "What's In Scott's Head" is the blog of columnist Scott C. Smith, offering up political and media analysis. Unfair and biased to present a liberal perspective of the state of U.S. politics.
  • Arancaytar's Li'l Corner
    The stands for little or liberal, whichever you please. Get the weekly rant here.
  • JunkYardDog
    A moderate point of view of politics and war.
  • Truthprobe
    A conservative opinion of current and historical events.
  • Democracy's Daily Posts From TheRestofUs.org
    Information and analysis on democracy-related issues from around the country. Focuses on campaign finance and Electoral College reform.
  • Prague Writer
    Mostly political commentary by an American expat living in the Czech Republic
  • Times Against Humanity
    A Catholic critique of contemporary society including its political dimensions.
  • The Conservative Citizen
    The weblog by the author of The Conservative Citizen commentary column. A corner of the web dedicated to providing common sense news and commentary on global events, society, culture and the political landscape.
  • Jeff Vail's "A Theory of Power"
    Politics, Hierarchy & Anarchy, Economics, International Security, Anthropology, History and more. The homepage for Jeff Vail's book, "A Theory of Power".
  • Iddybud
    Progressive politics from one American woman's perspective. Daily commentary since January, 2003. Philosophy, humor, colorful design. Comments allowed.
  • PSoTD
    Taking a look at the oddities of everyday politics and government, and the quiet issues that just don't go away.
  • Catholics in Public Life
    An ongoing commentary on prominent Catholic politicians (from the left and right side of the ideological isle), calling them to greater obedience to their faith.
  • Simon and the Lefties
    Working to drive running-dog lackeys of the Imperium into the sea
  • The Political Dogs
    Political discussion concerning a broad selection of topics with a conservative angle
  • Blogs Against Hillary
    What would it be like to wake up on November 5th 2008 and hear the words " PRESIDENT ELECT HILLARY CLINTON."?? Scary isn't it?? That's why we've createed Blogs Against Hillary. Join us today!
  • A Bigger Tent
    Building a broader Democratic coalition, one new voter at a time
  • BuzzWebster
    BuzzWebster is the blog of the nonpartisan political website PoliticsOnline. BuzzWebster covers the intersection of politics & the Internet and all the roads that lead there. Buzz is always funny, informative and tells it like it is with no reservations.
  • Excuse my french
    A Frenchman talks to the Americans
  • NathanCallahan.com
    Author and talk radio show host Nathan Callahan on politics, culture, science, aesthetics, philosophy, wealth, language, gossip and absurdity.
  • Political News
    Breaking news on politics and elections from several different sources.
  • The NewsNik
    The NewsNik is a daily summary of news stories from around the Right side of the Web. Featured links represent current coverage of national and world events, Christian issues and pop culture.
  • Resistance is futile!
    Observations on the political, economic, and social issues of the day, from the conservative viewpoint, live from liberal Eugene, OR
  • That's Going Too Far!
    Political commentary and satire that bites.
  • Blog Hogger
    Blog Hogger is a team blog updated by a bunch of teens who know what they're doing. They discuss matters such as abortion, gay marriage, liberal zombies, etc... Check it out. It'll do you some good.
  • Junto Boys
    A blog of current events and ancient issues
  • Frederick Clarkson
    A More-or-Less Daily blog on politics and religion.
  • Pros and Cons
    A conservative blog site with a mission to educate, enrich, encourage and amuse, all with an eye to a conservative philosophy which emphasizes a commitment to faith, family, country, and humanity.
  • Everybody's Entitled to My Opinion
    A teacher and former Democrat holds forth on politics and culture
  • Forewarned is Forearmed
    My attempt to cut through the fog of politics and war to try to figure out what's really going on in the world.
  • Ministry O Truth
    Poltical news and education where the mainstream news media have failed
  • Arizona Watch
    We focus on news, issues & topics related to politics and culture in Arizona. Arizonans of all affiliations are welcome and encouraged to submit contributions but the main emphasis is on the libertarian and objectivist view point.
  • Coffee with CrankyBeach
    To entertain and inform, provoke thought and otherwise deal with whatever topics happen to be interesting at any given moment.
  • Political Tracker
    Hawkish Conservative Libertarian commentary on national and international news, as well as current events.
  • Cranky Bastard
    Conservative/Libertarian Political Discussion and Current Events Commentary
  • Maybe I Think Too Much
    Advocating a Christian worldview, limited government, free enterprise, individual rights, personal responsibility, intelligent patriotism, and general silliness.
  • Political Addict
    Rants & Musings on Politics, IT and Other Stuff
  • An Englishman in New York
    An ongoing political and sociological critique of the two English-speaking democracies on the left and right bank of the Atlantic.
  • A Word From The Right
    Rants, Ramblings and Intemperate Thoughts From An Unapologetic Conservative
  • ContraWeb :: Digital Activism for the New Millenium
    A weblog and resource for activism, civil rights, democracy, the environment and much more. Features articles, commentary and over 400 links to other resources.
  • Another Liberal Blog
    Exercising my right to obnoxious, ill-informed liberal opinion.
  • all-encompassingly
    two mormon conservatives writing on politics, news and other topics. the purpose is making fun of the liberal worldview through humor and satire.
  • Media Girl Tunes In
    Are you paying attention?
  • A la Gauche
    Political News and Commentary from the Far Left
  • American Liberal
    Blog site for Progressives, Democrats and Liberals. Get your own blog for free.
  • Estropundit
    A progressive contrarian, leavened with a bit of estrogen
  • Schadelmann.com
    Commentary and humor from Venice Beach California with a political consultant/writer who enjoys calling it as he sees it.
  • political blog for the politically incorrect
    -- Politics, Current News and Events, Terrorism and Homeland Security --
  • National Security Law Forum
    A forum for research and discussion of issues in national security law.
  • Yankee Pride
    Here you will find the thoughts, musings, ideas and rants of a proud Yankee about world happenings. Be prepared and forewarned, that I will tell it like I see it from a northern, republican, YANKEE WOMAN perspective. If you can't handle it, then click onw
  • ProLifeBlogs
    Listing and posts of pro-life bloggers.
  • bLogicus
    Conservative Christian musings about politics, life and philosophy.
  • roblimo.com
    Political writings by IT journalist Robin 'Roblimo' Miller that don't belong on Slashdot or NewsForge
  • Cptnwinky.com
    Politics from the view of a Republican in Wester MA (Liberal Country).
  • Mads' Bookmarks
    Links and commentary about US and international politics
  • The Rooftop Blog
    Exploring the news and interplay of the Four Estates--family, church, government, and the media--and the moral imagination of a culture informed by the Judeo-Christian tradition.
  • 1600 Political Bits
    Commentary on Politics and Entertainment
  • Slashdot Politics
    A new section from the number one technology blog, Slashdot, this section covers politics and political topics from an independent angle.
  • Postcards From The Campaign Trail
    Candid look at postcards from the campaign trail, political humor, fake news, bi-partisan
  • A different kind of conservative blog
    Conservative politics
  • Hot Flash Report
    Opinionated liberal views of the wrongs of the right by Ann Rose and Susan Hill
  • Real Deal
    A politically progressive and adventerous traveller speaks his mind. Come along for the ride!
  • Your Civic Doody
    It may be messy. But we've all got to do it. I eat serious news for breakfast, and give you the funny by evening.
  • Right Journal
    Objective conservative commentary that focuses more on issues rather than political parties.
  • Nykola.com | bothering people since 1981
    Politics, Culture, Theocracy, and Philosophy from a young, black woman who's sick of political labels and even more sick of the Liberal agenda.
  • TheEvansMemo.
    Make sure you get the Memo.
  • Dennis Fox's Weblog
    Personal and political observations by critical psychologist further to the left than liberal.
  • Corey Hawkey
    Political ramblings of a liberal college student.
  • Planet Dave Daily Blog
    Politics with a humorous twist.
  • Off The Grid
    A blog that covers all angles of the latest issues with a focus on the 2004 presidential election.
  • Chuck's Daily Blog
    Conservative right wing views and news.
  • A Pax American and other fun stuff
    Without stooping to party-line talking points, this blog follows in the footsteps of Thomas Paine, associating political positions and actions with their REAL LIFE results and observations. Charles King, the author has had a varied and spectacularly ecle
  • The Cyber Menace
    In depth commentary on American and Canadian politics, the media, sports, and other intelligent topics.
  • Not Quite Right
    The Not Quite Right blog is the online version of a public access political forum TV show. The website (and show) is a journal of commentary focusing on foreign, domestic, and social issues.
  • Barking Dingo
    political discussion and commentary about the elections and politics in general
  • Conservative Life
    Social and fiscal conservative issues affecting Canadians and Americans.
  • Freethought
    Commentary on current affairs with a focus on Constitutional issues.
  • The Rinse Cycle
    Defeat John Kerry and keep America safe
  • My Echo Chamber
    A moderate forced into conservative clothes.
  • Clayton's Corner
    Politics, philosophy and religion are discussed. Comments welcome!
  • Politics & Sex
    The dissection, analysis and critique of the ultimate aphrodisiac.
  • Section 31
    Right-leaning blog discussing politics, foreign affairs, and life in general.
  • Tom Rants
    Political commentary from a southwest Missouri lower-case libertarian.
  • Poor Justin's Almanac
    A conservative blog focusing on humor, analysis, and commentary.
  • Law, Government, and Politics
    Discussion of law, government application of laws, and political corruption of both.
  • The Independent Observer
    the independent observer, news and commentary, unapologetic, uncensored - true.
  • A Red Mind in a Blue State
    The musings of a Republican trapped in a Democratic State.
  • Chinese Suburbia
    Commentary on Chinese and American politics from an independent perspective.
  • Kevin Courser
    Part opinion, part recycling, always pre-emptive, always conservative
  • Public Detoxification
    Discussion of current events, policy matters, and general political/economic ideas from a libertarian/conservative perspective.
  • Dogfight04
    A news and commentary site that gives the non-bush voter the tools and documented info to win this damn vicious dogfight in 2004.
  • Spot On
    A politics obsessed chick in NYC.
  • GayPatriot
    Stop by for the musings of a gay conservative who supports the re-election of President Bush, and disdains the gay liberal elitists.
  • Poliglut.org
    Opinion and editorial about the news of the day from folks who think the country is better than its leaders.
  • The Iron Mouth
    Only the Hardest Truths
  • Crowhill
    Covering political, social and religious news from a conservative Christian (Catholic) position. Heavy emphasis on news and issues affecting families.
  • The Mockingbird
    Political remarks and commentary from an independent voter. Debate and challenges welcome.
  • The Conservative NewsNik
    The Conservative NewsNik is a daily summary of news stories from around the Right side of the Web. Featured links represent current coverage of national and world events, issues and pop culture.
  • Minion of the Great Satan
    Satanically Suberting Tyranny
  • Aggressive-Voice Daily
    Bringing intelligence to an internet phenomenon (blogging) severely lacking.
  • Out in Left Field
    Where parenting and politics meet, but don't always play nice.
  • Black Market News
    News on Black Markets, Political Corruptions, Ridiculous Government Interventions...
  • Louisiana Conservative
    Just a conservative commentary from Baton Rouge, La.
  • things as it is
    The world we see around us is but a reflection of that which dwells within us.
  • Saucerful of Shite
    Read my sordid everyday accounts of celebrity sex and political intrigue. Whether I'm on the campaign trail with George W. Bush or at home watching a porno, you can be rest assured I'll be on the ball.
  • grassrootsNATION.com
    A liberal analysis of the not-so-liberal media and other political ramblings...
  • DD Sez
    The ramblings of Dave Diamond: Quotes, Travel, Gadgets, and Political Commentary
  • Savage Logic
    Featuring humorous rants on politics, current events, and everyday life. Consists of both extreme liberals and conservatives.
  • Apologies Demanded
    I am a mainstream right-wing Republican, college student and Christian and the weblog takes a hard and sometimes vicious stance on various political and social issues and topics.
  • The Desert Tusk
    Highly opinionated Arizona State student.
  • I Voted For George
    A political news source providing commentary from a progressive/liberal point of view.
  • Devoter.com
    Devoter.com is a community weblog covering politics. Users can post to the group blog and comment on interesting political links, web sites, current events, and news stories.
  • Free Thoughts
    A Politically-Incorrect Blog
  • E-Group Multi-partisan Punditry
    A diverse group of Canadian commentators writing on World, U.S. and Canadian issues. Group members are from all parts of the political spectrum and from across Canada.
  • PoliWatch - Political News & Analysis
    Two blogs in one. Political News in one one blog, Remer's Analysis of the news in the other.
  • Mr. Left
    Domestic & International Political Analysis
  • Dispassionate Lib
    Thinking person's bunker for sane liberals and disgruntled republicans. Debunking the myth of Compassionate Conservatives.
  • End the Nightmare
    W. Bush and Deferral Cheney have mis-led the US into an unnecessary war, pillaged the treasury, ruined our reputation abroad, and dimmed what had been a bright future - all in less than 4 years.
  • Times Against Humanity
    News and views from a Catholic perspective on the problems facing contemporary society.
  • Qui Mundus
    Observations and commentary on world events, politics, and religion - from a conservative point of view.
  • Steve Guy's Weblog
    Political opinions of a convert from Labour to the Liberal Democrats
  • The Preston Caldwell Political Blog
    The Latest Polls and News about the State of the Election with left wing style.
  • BlogTalker
    All political - Unless you study, research and write about this subject, don't call me crazy. I know whereof I speak. Post your comments and let's talk.
  • Exegesis
    Commentary on politics, foreign affairs, and the press. Pround unofficial blogger of the 2004 Democratic Convention.
  • Pundit Memo
    Commentary and analysis on today's politics, foreign policy, culture, and blogs-- Having fun, encouraging dialogue, and attempting to be savvy.
  • GutRumbles
    Blogging about politics from China
  • Virtual Pundit
    My musings on the political and social situation in the United States.
  • Rox Populi
    A discussion of politics, art, culture and language.
  • tiny little dots
    a semi-daily, art, design, media, social, political, experimental, web log.
  • BlogSlut
    Porn, politics and punditry
  • My Left Brain
    A left-leaning blog for political and social discussion and analysis. Visit, read, leave thought-provoking comments!
  • probitus
    Finally, that liberal media bias you can't find anywhere else!
  • Ashish's Niti
    My views and commentaries on political and economics current affairs.
  • CenterFeud
    Ideas left and right for the polticially ambidexterous.
  • Whatsakyer?
    Daily conservative socio-political musings and news analysis from something called a "kyer"...
  • The Templar Pundit
    Contains Republican news and election updates as well as news on world hot-spots.
  • i'm just waiting for the robot invasion
    Smart a@#ed political news, humor, and commentary.
  • The Discerning Texan
    Discernment is the ability to separate important truth from the rest of the triva, background noise, propaganda, half-truths, and outright lies that permeate our lives on a daily basis.
  • superchefblog | super chef blog
    Follows the careers of super chefs, now forayers into American politics.
  • JPerspective
    An opinionated look at todays politics from the Jewish perspective. Dedicated to exposing the radical left for their anti-American and anti-Israeli views.
  • Chepooka
    The usual "conservatives are wrong and liberals are right" rants.
  • Think 2004
    We waffle! Furthermore, we recommend it - sometimes it's necessary to think an issue through rather than let blind and potentially stupid ideology be your guide.
  • Republican National Convention Blog
    Stories and FAQs related to the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City.
  • Precariously Perched
    25-year old non-latte drinking east coast liberal has some fun with political news and non-news.
  • Watching Washington
    Commentary on politics, government, and how Washington's spending your money. Written by a 20 year veteran political reporter.
  • keiths political journal
    A blog regarding the 2004 presidental election. Events of the day in politics.
  • Low Rent Rat
    An assault on everything you hold sacred - use total abandonment of civility.
  • Dave's Blurbs
    A blog about Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness, and seeking the Truth!
  • Atomic Airship
    The blog of computer book author Mark R. Brown, currently focused on liberal politics.
  • Begging the Question
    Milbarge and Fitz-Hume discuss law, politics and pop culture.
  • The Torch
    Original political commentary
  • Shot by both sides
    Dangerous centrist extremism: something to offend everybody. Vaguely focused on UK and international politics, with many random digressions.
  • Abolish the Death Penalty
    Abolitionist blog maintained by David Elliot, communications director for the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty.
  • Wangoed.com
    Humor; skewers all sides of the election and beyond.
  • Argus
    A blog written by a sailor on active-duty in the US Navy; geared towards younger readers with a new-found interest in politics.
  • tom_thinks
    Online Actions, politcal commentary and news for the progressive minded person and everyone else.
  • EricKohn.com
    The official website of Eric Kohn.
  • L'arc en Ciel
    A satirical drama that explores the Media's role in Iraq War II. Laugh or cry, you decide.
  • Iain's Council Blog
    Cllr Iain Lindley - England's youngest Councillor.
  • The Daily Blitz
    A blog with commentary on society, politics, foreign affairs, culture, poetry and various other topics. Tag line: One man's musings on wine, women, song and ordnance.
  • Blogitics.com
    Detailing political blunders leading up to the 2004 election.
  • Speaking My Mind
    One Australian's view of current events, with a mostly conservative bent. I do have some libertarian leanings, though.
  • The Boileryard
    Though they are shepherded by a fossil from the skeletal remains of the old libertarian Right, the Team Members at the Boileryard represent a wide spectrum of opinion.
  • The Absurd Canadian
    Detailing the day to day absurdity in Canadian politics and society in general.
  • Belly of the Beast
    A double-barrel shot into the heart of hypocrisy, with a slice of Texas humor thrown in.
  • Ed's Opinion
    Ed's Opinion is a site dedicated to bringing you Ed's famous opinions straight from Ed.
  • An Inclination to Criticize
    The right claims our economists and the left claims our appropriate name: "Liberals."
  • Randz.net
    Randz covers political and pop-culture issues from a pragmatic & non-partisan affiliation. On social & moral issues, Randz.net leans to the left but also has a libertarian leaning on government involvement.
  • The Arkanssouri Blog
    This is a Libertarian's story the journey through of life along the Mason-Dixon line in Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas.
  • near-far
    The world is never outside of itself, the anarchists are just as much a part of the system, we never escape our times, everything is commentary.
  • The Pink Flamingo Bar Grill
    The Pink Flamingo Bar & Grill is a spot where I vent about the War on Terror and politics because the two are so wrapped together. I believe that Saddam and Al Queda had a working relationship and further that it is naive at best to believe that 9/11 was
  • Hammer of Truth
    A non-partisan site dedicated to uncovering the truth in politics and exposing corruption.
  • Conservative Blogger
    Conservative analysis and opinion from ordinary individuals and everyday people.
  • Max's Mewsings
    Thoughts on issues and events in politics and the media in Toronto, Ontario, and Canada.
  • Positive Liberty
    Jason Kuznicki is a history grad student in a same-sex marriage. He blogs on religion and politics from a classical liberal perspective; frequent topics include pluralism, gay issues, history, food, and the drug war.
  • Where the Dolphins Play
    Liberal blogger focuses on current politcal events and gay rights.
  • Arkansas Tonight
    Online home of Don Elkins and the Arkansas Tonight radio show -- blog and up-to-date news.
  • The National Debate
    Where Politics, Policy and the Media Meet.
  • Nosey Online
    A never-ending running commentary on American politics and current events from a liberal viewpoint.
  • Jumping to Conclusions
    Thoughts, comments, musings on life, politics, current events and the media.
  • The Nudnik File
    Commentary on current events in the US and beyond.
  • bloggg
    Diatribes and rants on liberal politics, autism, the arts, and whatever else comes to mind by a radical advocate mom....
  • Our Greater Purpose
    Personal thoughts on current events, Israel, Judaism and life from a Jewish perspective - read into that what you may.
  • Conservative Punk Canuck
    Pro-American, conservative Canadian punk chick -- who knew there even WAS such a thing?
  • Yoder's Rants
    Political views of a Minnesotan new to the political scene.
  • Angry Chinese Blogger
    An angry view of new in and from China, rants, serious news and more. Mostly political commentary between china and America.
  • DeMOCKracy
    A blog devoted to the political humor, and the idiocy of politicians everywhere. Sumissions of material are encouraged.
  • UnFairWitness
    Anti-war libertarian views on foreign policy and politics.
  • Ryan's Head
    A Retreat from the Lunacy of the Left Coast: Discussions on Family, Faith and Politics from the right.
  • Blog For Arizona
    National and AZ state political comment and news from a liberal perspective.
  • Orthogonian
    A little bit conservative, a lot of other stuff.
  • WorldMag Blog
    The blog of World Magazine, the fourth largest weekly news magazine in America. World writes from a Christian perspective.
  • Globalog
    Muqtedar Khan's Blog on Global Affairs
  • Oh!pinion
    News and thoughtful commentary on the ideas, events, people and politics that shape our world.
  • A Beleaguered Conservative in Nor Cal
    Potentially lucid thoughts from a conservative transplanted to the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • CelebrityStump.com
    Provides news links concerning celebrities who make a statement or display of support for a United States political campaign or issue.
  • The Turnspit Daily
    A moderate take on politics and issues of national interest.
  • Documenting the Retardedness of the World
    A mixed bag of meditations about politics, news, culture, and religion, always with a sense of humor. The author is neither conservative nor liberal, neither republican nor democrat.
  • Marty's PoliGov
    I am an American Fundamentalist and believe deeply in the core values of the Founders.
  • MoveLeft Media
    Highlights of Howard Stern, Al Franken, and Janeane Garofalo's radio shows. News and more.
  • Digital Dissent
    Commentary on American politics, public policy, foreign policy, economics, and civil liberties from a liberal viewpoint.
  • Common-Insight
    A blog focusing on deeper debate and issue context.
  • Parabasis
    Progressive politics and commentary on arts and culture from an NYC theater director.
  • Centerpiece
    Moderately left commentary (no original journalism here) focusing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and US politics.
  • Chief's Blog
    Unique political insights from a right-minded American.
  • The Shameless Antagonist
    Provocative commentary and satire. "Making the world safe for Democracy since 2003!"
  • A Green Conservatism
    Comments on the news of the day by Marcus Tullius Cicero.
  • WiserBlog
    Insightful commentary and analysis on the events and events of these near-Orwellian times... because your blood is wiser than most.
  • Ramblings' Journal
    Politically incorrect thoughts from the edge of Michael King's conservative black mind.
  • Conservative Politics
    The semi-daily blog of The Land of the Free for Conservative thoughts.
  • The Limerick Savant
    Dedicated to no-nonsense nonsense: Satirical commentary on the news, politics, TV, film, music and popular culture in the form of limericks, verse and humorous graphics
  • Hannah Bayman's blog
    Join Hannah Bayman, a young BBC News Online and independent journalist, film-maker and funseeker as she blogs her way around the South coast.
  • Road to Boston
    Official Election 2004 blog by David R. Guarino, chief political reporter for The Boston Herald.
  • Halcyon Days
    Political Commentary by Peter Lee.
  • Loaded Mouth
    News, biting commentary, and some baseball to boot.
  • Sanctified Heresy
    Libertarian blogger trusts liberal over liar in 2004; supporting John Kerry for the sake of removing the Bush Neoconservative influence.
  • Blog from Another Dimension
    Commentary on American Politics and Life in Japan by an American Expatriate
  • Here's What's Left
    Progressive rantings, ravings and other assorted sanity.
  • Voice of the Webb
    A non-religious conservative who ends up battling all sides. Socially conservative, fiscally conservative but never conservative in expressing his views.
  • contrapositive
    Bite-sized for easy sawllowing.
  • Everything I Know Is Wrong
    A conservative (classical liberal) exploration of why everything political that I was taught as a child, and young adult, is wrong. No fixed political party, defiantly fixed ideals.
  • Nate's Humble Abode
    Conservative news, information, and commentary. Feel free to comment on anything.
  • Cranial Cavity
    Cobwebs, Dust, and a Few Living Cells
  • Propaganda Machine
    Propaganda Machine is sponsored by Pocket Humans. Pocket Humans are small enough to fit in your shirt pocket, willing to take jobs conventional humans won't do, and have that catnip scent cats love. And by TurboLax: When you don't have time for gentle rel
  • Roxanne's Rant|Rave
    A discussion of politics, art, culture and language.
  • Minority Report by AngryDesi
    Minority Report offers commentary on U.S. politics and current affairs and addresses specific concerns from an immigrant minority perspective.
  • Raed in the Middle
    a 26 years old Iraqi-Palestinian Architect open new doors of communication between the east and the west. Understanding "the other" is what this blog is all about
  • Right Perspective
    Conservative Thought and Common Sense Perspective
  • Just My Opinion But I'm Right
    Right wing responses to left wing hysteria.
  • Hawken Blog
    A political discussion from across the spectrum.
  • Dinner Blog
    for the 30 million young people who are trying to make sense of the baffling, absurd, and hilarious world of American politics.
  • Someone Take The Wheel
    You can't handle it!!!
  • And Then...
    A Progressive Sociologist's Look At Politics and Culture
  • Mockingbird
    A conservative Blog
  • Say Anything
    Conservative thoughts from the middle of the middle west.
  • Patriots for Bush
    A blog dedicated to helping re-elect George W. Bush and exposing the rampant lies of the left.
  • Odd Hours
    Politics, Economics, Society, War and the Law
  • American Amnesia
    Explores if/how our tendency to forget our past is shaping/affecting current U.S. foreign policy. Interview series with prominent thinkers, featuring Noam Chomsky, Errol Morris, Benjamin DeMott, Howard Zinn, and many more to come.
  • Two Lefties, a Righty, and a Blog
    A small group presenting their perspective across the political spectrum.
  • Aref-Adib
    A site that could have raised millions from venture capitalists in the dot-com days.
  • ingrown brain stem
    scientists are not working on a cure. fortunately, i am.
  • Fidler On The Roof
    The journal of Julie Anne Fidler, covering religion, conservative politics, and more.
  • One Hand Clapping
    Retired Army artillery officer, now ordained Methodist minister, writing about foreign and military affairs, religion and social issues.
  • CaptiveNation(s)
    Concerning threats to liberty and justice the world over. And less important stuff.
  • Sneakeasy's Joint
    Conservative leaning writer who covers local and national issues, culture, as well as bicycling, genealogy, & hiking.
  • http://fladenexp.blogspot.com
    Leans liberterian, but as it is a group blog by mostly Stanford Law Students, posters come from all angles.
  • Sherman's Blog - Political & Social Commentary
    Richard Sherman, a Greater Boston veteran activist and educator, provides insights, commentary and analysis on news issues of the day.
  • Solomonia
    Written by a Pro-America, Pro-Israel free-thinking neo-con who takes the issues as they come.
  • The Nap room
    Conservative leaning Libetarian blog pushing for freedom from big brother. Common topics are smoking bans and other idiots who try to regulate our lives and promote a nanny state.
  • King of Fools
    An examination of current events in politics, culture, sports, entertainment and my life.
  • GCC Pundit
    Politcal commentary from (not sanctioned by) Grove City College students. Mostly conservative; will argue.
  • WeckUpToThees!
    RKBA. PGP. Open Source. Constitutional Libertarian Jeffersonian. We don't borrow any ideas from them, they steal from us.
  • End the War on Freedom
    Links and commentary from Bill St. Clair's crypto-anarcho-libertarian perspective. Quotes, comics, and stories that make me laugh, cry, smile, shout, or write.
  • Paul and Carl's Daily Diatribe
    We are the new radicals; what was radical is now the dominant paradigm. We challenge the paradigm, and any other buzz-words that annoy us.
  • Andrew David Chamberlain's Idea Shop
    Economics, politics, and other ideas -- with a twist of lime.
  • Dissecting Leftism
    Analyses the psychology, sociology, history and present distortions of the political Left
  • QandO
    Two pragmatic libertarian hawks fact-checking and commenting on the political world.
  • SlantPoint
    Conservative Republican politics with a New York City urban edge.
  • Miniluv
    Miniluv is a socially liberal, fiscally conservative libertarian and objectivist blog run by a history buff and a snarky Buddhist.
  • The World Around You
    Covering Prattville, Montgomery, Alabama, the Southeast, the US and the world from a unique perspective.
  • Elephant Rants
    A touch of Libertarian, dash of conservatism and a whole lotta sarcasm...
  • A Little More To The Right
    News Items, Strong Opinions, Sophomoric Humor...
  • Radikal Papi
    A Family Man in Maryland talks poltics and family life with twins.
  • Clareified
    Politics and Social Truisms.
  • Joanne Jacobs
    Linking and thinking on education and other issues.
  • Roger Ailes
    A laxative for the constipated press, administered involuntarily.
  • Mark A.R. Kleiman
    Reflections on politics, policy, language, literature, science, spirituality, and anything else interesting that comes across my desk.
  • Dimmy Karras
    Politics, the economy and sports.
  • skippy the bush kangaroo
    i'm not a pundit but i play one on the net
  • TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime
    Liberal coverage of crime-related political and injustice news.
  • Dubya's Dayly Diary
    Spoof White House Diary of President George Dubya Bush, ghostwritten by humorist Madeleine Begun Kane.
  • Mad Kane's Notables
    Madeleine Begun Kane's commentary, song parodies, satirical poems, and spoofs about politics, the White House, President Bush, current events, the news, books, music, the media, & whatever else inspires her admiration or ire.
  • The Great Divide
    Extremely witty and erudite take on current events. At least, I like to think so.
  • Civil Commotion
    Common sense coverage of the Culture Wars.
  • Where Hip-Hop and Libertarianism Meets
    Analysis of political and cultural issues from a libertarian perspective.
  • Lew Rockwell.com Blog
    Musings on property rights, freedom, and peace, discussed daily.
  • Argghhh!
    Conservative opinion on life, the Universe and Everthing, but mostly military, guns and politics, with some humor to keep it light!
  • The Greatest Jeneration
    Thoughts and analysis of a lady Bush-loving Baby Boomer Conservative living in a post 9/11 world.
  • Blogs of War
    Conservative perspectives on national security
  • Raw Story
    The Raw Story was founded as an alternative news directory to provide interesting and relevant news stories of interest to the left-leaning 18-31 market.
  • A Mixed Blog
    A project of The Multiracial Activist, providing relevant news and commentary on current events.
  • Landrith, James - Taking The Gloves Off
    Personal website/weblog of libertarian activist journalist and USMC veteran James Landrith.
  • The Apple Coda
    Horrifyingly random misgivings from the soul of a single guy living in a suburban hellhole in Washington, DC.
  • Master of None
    Know a little, talk a lot.
  • Pragmatic Conservatism
    Dan is a pragmatic conservative who supports Republicans and George W. Bush, and writes funny things about politics.
  • Left is Right
    Anti-Bush, Anti-Wal-Mart, Anti-Republican, etc. Many links to info on policy, politics, elections, hybrid cars, humor.
  • SistersTalk
    Opinion blog written by a sometimes liberal, somewhat libertarian, Black lesbian. Should be an interesting read for ya!
  • Election Projection
    Running projection of the 2004 election based on current polling data and results from election 2000.
  • Random Jottings
    A warblog, with occasional comments on a wide variety of other things--books, history, space, economics, poems, jokes....
  • The Eleven Day Empire
    Thoughts, random and otherwise, emanating from Arlington, Virginia, mostly (though not always) of a political or current events bent.
  • Demagogue
    Commentary on Washington and the world by those who live there.
  • Stephen Silver
    A vibrant, humorous take on the day's political, cultural, and sports news, from a hawkish social liberal.
  • Life, Law, Libido
    L-Cubed is a blog by two law students (one liberal, one conservative) in Washington, DC, who talk politics, sports, culture, law, love and life in a straight-forward and humorous manner.
  • The Laughing Wolf
    Promoting the power of the individual and encouraging rational discourse of topics of interest.
  • Blog O' DOB
    Thoughts on politics and culture from a conservative college student in Ohio.
  • Wince and Nod
    Politics, guns and occaisional observations.
  • the evangelical outpost
    Reflections on culture, politics, and religion from an evangelical worldview.
  • Joefish's Freshwater Blog
    Udated Frequently, from Memphis,TN - News, Politics, and Links from the Right.
  • Patriot Paradox
    Life, Liberty, and everything else...
  • Amy Ridenour's National Center Blog
    Conservative blog sponsored by the National Center for Public Policy Research
  • Army of One
    Politics, Religion and Culture from an Evangelical Conservative.
  • The Patriette
    The blog of a flag-waving American girl who loves her country and supports freedom, individual liberty, and the military. Mostly conservative commentary on current events with a touch of libertarianism now and then.
  • Cobb
    Black & Republican & Civil Libertarian & Righteous & Uppity & Global Capitalist & Pro-Commons & Family Oriented & Provocative & Sometimes Worth Reading
  • Parablemania
    Musings on philosophy, theology, politics, and Christian apologetics (but probably no parables -- I'm much more competent a straight-talker than a storyteller).
  • Patriot Blog
    Patriot Blog is a daily updated blog that is run by three of the most esteemed writers out there and has commentary on politics from a Republican point of view.
  • Miller's Time
    A California Conservative blog about politics, religion, movies and sports. Mostly about politics.
  • democrats give conservatives indigestion
    News, commentary and humor with a conservative view.
  • Drumwaster's Rants
    Mainly conservative, with a dash of humor to keep things lively.
  • Thomas McCullock
    ThomasMc.com is a daily news & opinion magazine that questions the status quo.
  • Slublog
    Changing the World, One Rant at a Time.
  • Andrew Hagen
    Independent progressive commentary for social progress and victory in the war.
  • Pathetic Earthlings
    Space, politics and single malt whisky.
  • www.anti-com.com
    anti-com.com is a collaborative effort of, independent, like minded people, all thoroughly disgusted with authoritarian and totalitarian regimes, groups and their supporters.
  • e-Claire
    A Post Millennial Consideration of Our Interconnection by a simple tootsie from The Countryâ„¢... [small "L" libertarian]
  • Right-Thinking from the Left Coast
    Political and social commentary from a conservative living among the wackos in liberal San Francisco.
  • annika's journal
    twenty-something Republican L.A. based chick
  • Freedom of Thought
    A site for me to post links and comments to articles I find interesting, usually of a conservative nature.
  • Kalblog
    Political commentary from a young conservative living near Washington, DC.
  • The Peoria Pundit
    Bill Dennis is a former reporter and editor who now uses his free time to blog about news, media and politics from a lower-case-"L" libertarian perspective from his home in Peoria, Ill. Oh, yeah. There are plenty of Drew Barrymore pictures.
  • The Owner's Manual
    A melange of humor and news by Gary Cruse.
  • the rantings of a homicidalManiak
    I mostly talk about conservative issues. If you don't understand sarcasm, realism, or just plain don't like snarkiness you should learn to by visiting my blog.
  • Kick the Leftist
    Liberal commentary varying from long and insightful to short and witty.
  • Midwest Conservative Journal
    Conservative religious and political commentary.
  • RelapsedCatholic
    Where the religious rubber meets the pop culture road. Orthodox yet oddly irrreverent. Since 2000.
  • Go Dubya!
    In support of our President and Commander-in-Chief.
  • The Kensington Review
    When the right says the glass is half full and the says it's half empty, the Kensington Review suggests that the glass is too big.
  • Pardon My English
    Group blog focusing on conservative topics and political commentary. Originally started as a blog for "lurkers" without blogs.
  • An Englishman's Castle
    Free thinking, free market, science loving blog from rural England, and a few pig stories as well.
  • Evil pundit of doom!
    Politics, philosophy and pictures of a right-wing death beast.
  • Little Miss Attila
    Attila Girl tries to piss everyone off with her particular blend of social liberalism and fiscal/constitutional conservatism.
  • The Galvin Opinion
    Conservative, free-market, Republican ideas are promoted over hypocritical, self-important liberal sniping. This page aims to cover many areas including politics, art, philosophy, history, current events, sports, people and ideas.
  • The Review
    Writings, speeches, commentary, essays, articles & web log on politics, economics, gun control, & foreign affairs by writer & speaker Dale Franks.
  • Cavalier Attitude
    A fairly conservative college student assaulting the ivory towers.
  • En Banc
    Law students and/or to-be law students discussing legal and political issues of all stripes.
  • Adrian Warnock's UK Blog
    Blog of a psychiatrist employed by a pharmaceutical company who is also a father and preacher.
  • Chris Geidner
    Second-year Ohio State University Moritz College of Law student Chris Geidner discusses issues involving civil rights, civil liberties, media law, ethics, and politics.
  • Progressive Protestant
    An exploration of progressive politics, Christianity, ecumenism, and related issues.
  • Aaron's Rantblog
    Political and humor that's pro-US, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-Israel, and pro-religion. So Conservative, I'm Orthodox.
  • Hold the Mayo
    The Truth Served Plain. Covering politics, ideas, and the occassional bit of randomness.
  • Strange Doctrines
    Liberal, secular and philosophical musings. The Fair and Biased Weblog.
  • 50 Minute Hour
    Amy Phillips comments daily on the state of the world and the stupidity of others.
  • Rhetoric & Rhythm
    A Texas-based blog with a liberal perspective on politics and current events. I also like to write about popular culture with an emphasis on movies, music and baseball.
    Political commentary, analysis and opinion on important events of the day.

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