Political Blog Directory

  • Law&Sci Fact Check
    Progressive media criticism and analysis on political, legal, economic, and scientific topics.
  • Unfair and Unbalanced
    I present the liberal perspective of political events and am proud to be a Yellow Dog Democrat. I do not claim to be Fair and Balanced but I do claim to be sensible, rational, and sometimes humorous.
  • IssuesConnect
    Examining the context of political events and issues to show their implications for social policy and the advancement of a progressive social agenda.
  • Calamity Politics
    Relevant and engaging progressive political blog. Analysis and commentary primarily focused on U.S. national politics.
  • Not Legally Broken
    Political commentaries with a legal perspective, written by a second year NYU Law student.
  • My View From the Center
    Political and Social Discourse
  • April LaJune's Blog
    Conservative political journalist April LaJune has been a reporter for the past 30 years in print, television and radio. Currently, she is the co-host of the America Matters Show which is a podcast on BlogTalk Radio.
  • Primarily Politics!
    A progressive political blog providing analysis on elections, domestic and foreign policy and democratic institutional reform.
  • The 2020 Progressive
    The 2020 Progressive is a progressive political commentary blog examining current events in American politics and predicting how they will affect the 2020 Presidential election.
  • Wills and Ideas
    Wills and Ideas looks at modern politics from a common sense perspective. We use the history of American politics to shed new light on what is occurring today.
  • DigiPoop
    DigiPoop is a progressive political messaging blog examining the communications strategies of all major candidates during the 2016 election.
  • Chicken Fried Politics
    Chicken Fried Politics is the one-stop spot for politics, Southern style, covering the latest political news across 14 Southern states. Published by an award-winning former CNN journalist, our site is non-partisan, analytical and authoritative.
  • Broken Laughter
    Broken Laughter is a blog by a middle aged Midwesterner with musings about politics, current events, food and popular culture.
  • Moron Majority
    Moronmajority.com is a political blog for the intelligent minority in this country. Our goal is to once again become the majority! "Scientia Potentia Est" - Knowledge is Power!
  • Something to Consider
    Tackling broken political dialogue head-on with challenging, thought-provoking questions to get you curious and jump-start your next great political conversation.
  • The Moral Middle
    Politics, life and a little religion from a moral middle perspective.
  • Commonsense Concepts
    A conservative blog.
  • The Feehery Theory
    Republican commentator on the political landscape.
  • Richard Schmitt
    Thoughts about current events from a left-leaning perspective.
  • Conservative Musings
    Our goal is to have intelligent discussion of the topics of the day. We realize everyone has their opinion and they should be allowed to express it in a discussion forum without calling each other names.
  • Marshall in the Middle
    A politically moderate blog focusing on current issues and possible solutions to a failed government.
  • Peace and conflict politics
    Essays and analysis of political conflict with particular emphasis on Israel and the Middle East. Focuses on deliberation, politics, and communication.
  • European-American Blog
    A left-of-center blog, primarily devoted to politics, but also to international travel, leisure, cultural issues and sociological commentary.
  • Ilya Shlyakhter's published letters to the editor
    Published letters to the editor. On: health policy, israel, politics, hypocrisy, religion, science, war on terror, dignity, iraq, poverty, policy ideas, malpractice reform, self-censorship, hidden costs, fairness
  • Politics Line
    Columns from over 150 national columnists from Pat Buchanan on the right to Jimmy Breslin on the left updated every morning. Each column has a Discussion section for you to voice your opinion on the author's topic.
  • altara
    A blog dealing with politics and culture. At times, comment; other times false news under heading of SUB-ROSA NEWS.
  • The Uncooperative Blogger
    Brian Bonner’s Opinions On Politics And News. Informative, Honest And No Holds Bared!
  • BloggerRadio.com
    Liberal & Progressive Political Commentary
  • PBD - Progressive Blog Digest
    This blog is composed of clips and links from other progressive blog and news sites, accompanied by my own observations and opinions. They concern my main preoccupations with the Bush administration, the GOP generally, and right wing pundits and commentat
  • Constantly Amazed, Yet Never Surprised
    Observations of politics and society, from the perspective of an independent liberal.
  • Knappster
    Blog of libertarian Democrat author and activist Thomas L. Knapp
  • Shakespeare's Sister
    A progressive blog for all manner of punditry, analysis, debate, and complaint.
  • John Deeth Blog
    Too old to be cool, too young not to care in Iowa City
  • Follow Me Here...
    "You can only tell the shapes of things by looking at their edges..." Follow me, here you'll find edgy social commentary, criticism, cynicism, conjunctions and conundrums, outrage. Recent scientific, technical and healthcare developments. Occasional rants
  • C-Pol: Constitutionalist, Conservative Politics
    Thoughts on politics, culture and religion from a constitutionalist, conservative perspective.
  • That's Going Too Far!
    Political commentary and satire that bites.
  • Junto Boys
    A blog of current events and ancient issues
  • Coffee with CrankyBeach
    To entertain and inform, provoke thought and otherwise deal with whatever topics happen to be interesting at any given moment.
  • Slashdot Politics
    A new section from the number one technology blog, Slashdot, this section covers politics and political topics from an independent angle.
  • Hot Flash Report
    Opinionated liberal views of the wrongs of the right by Ann Rose and Susan Hill
  • Tom Rants
    Political commentary from a southwest Missouri lower-case libertarian.
  • Crowhill
    Covering political, social and religious news from a conservative Christian (Catholic) position. Heavy emphasis on news and issues affecting families.
  • DD Sez
    The ramblings of Dave Diamond: Quotes, Travel, Gadgets, and Political Commentary
  • Apologies Demanded
    I am a mainstream right-wing Republican, college student and Christian and the weblog takes a hard and sometimes vicious stance on various political and social issues and topics.
  • Ed's Opinion
    Ed's Opinion is a site dedicated to bringing you Ed's famous opinions straight from Ed.
  • Hammer of Truth
    A non-partisan site dedicated to uncovering the truth in politics and exposing corruption.
  • Our Greater Purpose
    Personal thoughts on current events, Israel, Judaism and life from a Jewish perspective - read into that what you may.
  • Conservative Punk Canuck
    Pro-American, conservative Canadian punk chick -- who knew there even WAS such a thing?
  • Blog For Arizona
    National and AZ state political comment and news from a liberal perspective.
  • Parabasis
    Progressive politics and commentary on arts and culture from an NYC theater director.
  • Blog from Another Dimension
    Commentary on American Politics and Life in Japan by an American Expatriate
  • Say Anything
    Conservative thoughts from the middle of the middle west.
  • Aref-Adib
    A site that could have raised millions from venture capitalists in the dot-com days.
  • Sneakeasy's Joint
    Conservative leaning writer who covers local and national issues, culture, as well as bicycling, genealogy, & hiking.
  • Solomonia
    Written by a Pro-America, Pro-Israel free-thinking neo-con who takes the issues as they come.
  • End the War on Freedom
    Links and commentary from Bill St. Clair's crypto-anarcho-libertarian perspective. Quotes, comics, and stories that make me laugh, cry, smile, shout, or write.
  • Dissecting Leftism
    Analyses the psychology, sociology, history and present distortions of the political Left
  • Mark A.R. Kleiman
    Reflections on politics, policy, language, literature, science, spirituality, and anything else interesting that comes across my desk.
  • skippy the bush kangaroo
    i'm not a pundit but i play one on the net
  • TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime
    Liberal coverage of crime-related political and injustice news.
  • Civil Commotion
    Common sense coverage of the Culture Wars.
  • Blogs of War
    Conservative perspectives on national security
  • Raw Story
    The Raw Story was founded as an alternative news directory to provide interesting and relevant news stories of interest to the left-leaning 18-31 market.
  • A Mixed Blog
    A project of The Multiracial Activist, providing relevant news and commentary on current events.
  • Landrith, James - Taking The Gloves Off
    Personal website/weblog of libertarian activist journalist and USMC veteran James Landrith.
  • Master of None
    Know a little, talk a lot.
  • Election Projection
    Running projection of the 2004 election based on current polling data and results from election 2000.
  • Demagogue
    Commentary on Washington and the world by those who live there.
  • Wince and Nod
    Politics, guns and occaisional observations.
  • the evangelical outpost
    Reflections on culture, politics, and religion from an evangelical worldview.
  • Amy Ridenour's National Center Blog
    Conservative blog sponsored by the National Center for Public Policy Research
  • Cobb
    Black & Republican & Civil Libertarian & Righteous & Uppity & Global Capitalist & Pro-Commons & Family Oriented & Provocative & Sometimes Worth Reading
  • Right-Thinking from the Left Coast
    Political and social commentary from a conservative living among the wackos in liberal San Francisco.
  • The Kensington Review
    When the right says the glass is half full and the says it's half empty, the Kensington Review suggests that the glass is too big.
  • Rhetoric & Rhythm
    A Texas-based blog with a liberal perspective on politics and current events. I also like to write about popular culture with an emphasis on movies, music and baseball.

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