A Demand

by on July 20th, 2005

While some in the UK and the US search for justification of suicide-bombers (e.g. poverty), they seem to conveniently overlook the fact that some are recruited from a well-educated middle class. It was shocking for Brits that the London terrorists were “home grown.”

Shocking? Not so much. Scary? Indeed. It is scary to regard every Arab or Muslim in our society as a potential threat.

Let me digress for a moment… There are countries that immigrants flock to for a shot at free-market economies and the comfort of rule of law. If they’re observant, they will realize that wealthy societies are not accidentally wealthy. There is much more to democracy and capitalism than they could have understood from the brainwashing they received from their western-bashing native countries. In realizing this, they will adopt or at least respect the culture of their adoptive country.

Others will use the very same principles that bring immigrants to free societies to exploit them.

Now back to the point… It is suicidal that the political correctness of Western societies leads to the search for justification and appeasement, rather than action. How about a demand for those who are given the opportunity to be part of free societies to take responsible action?

As Thomas Friedman points out in his recent OpEd piece – the London bombers were deliberately recruited. This may have taken place in a Mosque, or possibly in another social setting of religious or cultural activity. Chances are, some were approached who refused to be brainwashed. More so, chances are that those that were recruited were outspoken about their condemnation of the society they live in – at least to friends and family.

It is time for those that accept condemnation of the societies they thrive in to throw off their pretense of shock. Lets demand that these incredibly close-knit communities take action against those that recruit and those that follow. Its simple, really. Either take a stand against the perpetrators within your community or suffer the consequences of growing suspicion and intrusion into your social networks and activites.

Undoubtedly, there will be those that will fall over themselves to protect their right to free association and speech.

But patience is wearing thin… and somebody finally has the right idea. Tony Blair met with Muslim leaders in London today, and stated that they have a responsibility to confront terrorists in their communities. Lets see if they can overcome tribal mindsets and assimilate into Western societies, in a way that truly counts.

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