A Saddam trial

by on December 15th, 2003

President Bush made it clear today that the trial for Saddam Hussein should be in Iraq.

“I think what needs to happen is he needs to be brought to justice. And the Iraqi citizens need to be very much involved in the development of a system that brings him to justice,” Bush said during a 40-minute session with reporters. “And there needs to be a public trial, and all the atrocities need to come out.”

But whether or not the trial for Saddam will end up in Iraq, one thing is known for sure: there will be many groups wanting to prosecute Hussein. There are at least six, and each group has a legitimate gripe against the deposed Iraqi dictator.

1) Iran, because of Saddam’s instigating a war with the nation for many years during the 1980s.

2) Kuwait, for being attacked and occupied by the founding OPEC state, Iraq, for not cutting oil production per OPEC demands. Interestingly, Saddam attempted to excuse his occupation by pointing to Israel’s of Palestine.

3) The United States, because of the attempt on Bush 41’s life.

4) The Iraqi Kurds, for unspeakable ethnic cleansing of the Kurd minority groups in the nation.

5) The Iraqi Shiites, also for unspeakable ethnic cleansing, but of the Shiite religious minority in the nation.

6) Iraq, for his tyrannical actions against his own people, killing those who merely disagreed.

It’s going to be a mighty big prosecution. I hope Saddam’s up to it. But I guess he has no choice.

Etalkinghead Staff