AARP support criticized by Democrats

by on November 18th, 2003

Today the AARP officially announced its support for Bush’s new prescription drug plan. But Democrats are hailing the bill as the end of Medicare.

In a statement, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said she’s “deeply disappointed” that the group’s national leadership has been “co-opted by Republicans pushing a partisan bill.” She said the country “cannot afford a Trojan horse deal, which purports to help America’s seniors, but is really a cruel hoax that dismantles Medicare and does not provide seniors an affordable, defined, guaranteed Medicare prescription drug benefit.”

Oh really? Dennis Hastert of Illinois has the goods on the idiocy of Democrats trying to spin this one.

“They [the AARP] care deeply about the future of Medicare and they wouldn’t endorse something that would lead to the end of that program, as some critics contend.”

After all, why would the AARP support a bill supposedly bringing the end of Medicare as we now know it. Hopefully the rest of America can see through the Democrats’ lies.

Etalkinghead Staff