Abortion march to hit D.C.

by on April 24th, 2004

Our nation’s capitol will see tomorrow a large abortion march 12 years in the making. The “March for Women’s Lives” in 1992 brought an estimated 500,000 out, and this year’s march is expected to meet or exceed that number.

But the story isn’t about the march. And the fact that it’s taken 12 years to see another sparks my interest.

As Ann Stone, chairwoman of a local Republican pro-choice group, and who marched in the last one, said, “It’s going to be much more anti-Republican.”

And that’s the important bit. Marches and protests these days have becomes less about one issue–in this case, abortion–and more a huge partisan mob decrying one political party or another.

So whatever happened to issue politics?

It’s no freak occurrence that for 12 years a sequel has been on hold. William Jefferson Clinton was elected in 1992, and again in 1996. But this time, the incumbent is a Republican, interestingly enough the same as in 1992.

So Stone’s right. The march is gearing up to be anti-Republican. The simple fact that no march had been scheduled in any election year since testifies to that.

But for tomorrow, I hope they’ll stick to the abortion issue. And stay away from the political parties.

Indeed, Stone and her group will be out tomorrow with a sign that reads, “Take Abortion out of Politics.” If only each hot-button issue could be handled in this way. After all, even Republicans can be pro-choice.

Etalkinghead Staff