Air America Radio Sputtering

by on April 21st, 2004

A previous post of mine described some of the troubles Air America Radio was having with Multicultural News Radio, owner of the Los Angeles and Chicago radio stations from which the liberal network was broadcasting. Well, according to this story, the troubles continue.

Air America Radio, the recently launched liberal talk-radio network that became embroiled last week in a financial dispute with the owner of its Chicago and Los Angeles stations, will cease broadcasting over WNTD-950 AM in Chicago April 30, the network announced Tuesday.

The network also said it will remain off the air for the time being in Los Angeles, where it was yanked from KBLA-1580 AM last week by station owner Multicultural News Radio.

So, unless other arrangements are made, Air America will be broadcasting in neither Los Angeles nor Chicago.

It should be noted that the on-off-on-off programming format the network has adopted might be just the vehicle to portray John Kerry with a consistent message on the campaign issues. If they can just synchronize their on-air times to when Kerry speaks on only one side of an issue and then go off-the-air when he waffles and espouses a contrary position, the network would be reporting consistent policies from their candidate. This may help alleviate confusion in the minds of some voters.

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Mike Pechar