Al Qaida wins in Spain

by on March 15th, 2004

The reclaiming of Spanish government by the Socialist Party following the recent terrorist attacks in Madrid scares me. Not because of the political ideologies involved, but because al Qaida was Sunday’s big winner.

The purpose of terrorism is to create awareness. Following that, terrorists seek sympathy. Finally, they wish for their demands to be met. Spanish voters have succumbed to all three terrorist goals, and have succeeded in providing absolute incentive for the continuation of terrorism against the free nations of the world.

The upset came as many who didn’t plan on voting were driven to the polls to show their dissatisfaction with government support of the U.S.-led Iraq war.

The Spanish elections have revealed a startling change of government after the terrorist attacks Thursday which left 200 dead and 1500 wounded. The Socialist Party has gained control of the government, with 43% of the vote, to the Popular Party’s 38%. The United Left came away with 5 %, the Catalan Regional Party 3 %, and the Republican Left of Catalonia 2.5%. 77% of Spain’s eliglible voters turned-out for the elections. Many people who were not planning to vote decided to take action after the attacks on March 11th.

But contrary to the belief that their votes will curb terrorist acts, an increase in terrorism is sure to come. With such an obvious cause and effect–kill innocent civilians to get what you want–the importance of terrorism to rogue groups seems more powerful than ever.

Let us only hope that they don’t get the same idea about voters in the United States or elsewhere. We will not, and should not, shrink from the responsibility of dealing with terrorists. We will not provide incentives to kill innocent civilians.

I wish I could say the same about Spanish voters.

Update: Analysts say terrorists now emboldened after Spanish elections

Etalkinghead Staff