American hostage escapes from Iraq

by on May 2nd, 2004,2933,118775,00.html

BAGHDAD, Iraq — In a daring escape, American hostage Thomas Hamill pried open the doors of the house where he was being held late Sunday morning and ran a half-mile to a military convoy that was passing by, officials and his wife said.


Hamill, 43, of Macon, Miss., identified himself to the U.S. soldiers, then led them back to his Iraqi captors, two of whom were captured.

Hamill, a truck driver for a Halliburton Corp. subsidiary, escaped more than three weeks after being abducted April 9 by gunmen who blasted the convoy he was driving on the outskirts of Baghdad. An American soldier abducted in the same attack remains missing, and at least four of Hamill’s co-workers were killed.

Etalkinghead Staff