Americans hopeful about Bush 2nd term

by on January 17th, 2005

Ahead of Bush’s inauguration on Thursday, 60 percent of those asked said they were hopeful, compared to 39 percent who said they were not. Asked whether they were worried, 47 percent said yes and 53 percent said no. Most said they were neither angry nor excited about his final four years in office.

Iraq was cited most often as the president’s highest priority, according to the poll conducted for the AP by Ipsos-Public Affairs. Some 53 percent of those questioned said it is unlikely that Iraq will have a stable government.

‘More than just Iraq’

“Iraq remains the kind of thing that could completely take over the term, if the situation gets a lot worse,” said Charles Franklin, a political scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “It’s a good idea for the president to push new domestic proposals. He has to find a way to have the whole second term be about more than just Iraq.”

Etalkinghead Staff