Anchorwoman Catherine Bosley

by on January 25th, 2004

(Youngstown, Ohio) Local TV news anchor Catherine Bosley and her husband went on vacation to Key West last March and apparently had a real good time. Such a good time that she decided to enter a wet T-shirt contest at a local bar and ultimately stripped down to nothing. Unfortunately, the festivities were videotaped by someone who later allowed the images to be broadcast on the Internet. Realizing this, Bosley resigned.

The Bosley story has been fairly hot for the last couple weeks and seemed to be fading. However, the subject was raised by Bill O’Reilly on his cable show last Friday, suggesting that she should not have been forced to resign. Although high profile media people customarily have morals clauses in their contracts, her behavior in Key West was not necessarily immoral. She took her clothes off at a regularly planned event in a location where the behavior is considered acceptable.

A pornographic film actress just recently was on the ballot for the governorship of California and the morality of her behavior didn’t disqualify her. By comparison, Catherine Bosley’s behavior seems tame.

The readers of eTALKINGHEAD may want to weigh in on the subject. Personally, if I owned the station, I’d be tempted to keep her on the air.

Mike Pechar