Bad, Bad Santa

by on November 19th, 2003

After breaking the story two nights ago, Matt Drudge has spawned a media blitz over “Bad Santa.” In the Miramax picture, Billy Bob Thornton plays a morally objectionable shopping mall Santa Claus.

Rated R, in one shocking scene, the Santa Claus character is shown picking up a young girl and having anal sex with her in a mall dressing room. In another scene, a child asks, “You are really Santa, right?” The Thornton character responds, “No, I’m an accountant. I wear this as a f—— fashion statement!”

Just wait until critics of “Bad Santa” get a load of another Santa flick starring pro wrestler Bill Goldberg that takes the concept of Santa to a whole new level.

He’s set to star as a killer, dressed as Santa Claus, in the upcoming ‘Santa’s Sleigh’, which is set to begin filming in late-January. Filming will take place in Edmonton, Alberta on a relatively low budget.

We’ll be hearing of this soon, I bet. And what’s the deal with Santa these days?

Etalkinghead Staff