Begin Massachusetts countdown

by on February 9th, 2004

As we saw in Vermont and Hawaii, the pattern for those trying to redefine marriage has been top-down. Their people in power — be they judges, governors, or other officials — maneuver to claim that equality requires sodomy to be put on par with normal people and then issue their fiat. This is of necessity because the overwhelming majority of people still think that marriage is between one man and one woman. In Hawaii, there was an amendment to the state constitution. In Vermont, the legislature created “civil unions” and then were stunned to find themselves voted out of office at the next elections.

Massachusetts is seeing the same thing. The ruling elite confuse a behavior with a physical characteristic and issue a proclamation. Now the backlash is coming, and Massachusetts could soon be following Ohio and Hawaii in adding a constitutional amendment retaining the current definition of marriage. Archbishop Sean O’Malley, newly installed to replace Cardinal Law (who apparently allowed a lot of homosexual and pedophiliac priests to sate their lust while under his authority), is participating. There was a rally of 2,000 people on Boston Common. The homosexuals have drastically mistimed their offensive.

I.J. Reilly