Bill Clinton Awards Kofi Annan

by on January 22nd, 2004

This story has got me bamfloozled. Yesterday, ex-President Bill Clinton presented the German Media Award 2003 (see here or, for translation, here) to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan in Baden-Baden, Germany. Annan got the award because “[he] represents the basic idea of the United Nations, searching for a better organized and more peaceful world . . . .”

So, he got the award because he was looking for something. Not for finding something or, for that matter, doing something, Annan simply searched for something. And, what does this have to do with the German media? Kofi Annan is not German nor does he work in the media.

Also not German is Bill Clinton. And he also does not work in the media. So, why is Bill Clinton presenting a German media award?

With all the logic involved in this event, maybe we can now anticipate ex-Prime Minister John Major of Britain presenting a Pulitzer Prize to the Maharishi Mahesh Yoga because he searched for inner peace. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Hat tip: Interested-Participant

Mike Pechar