Boy suicide bomber caught with 18 pound bomb at West Bank checkpoint

by on March 24th, 2004

HAWARA CHECKPOINT, West Bank (Reuters) – Israeli troops Wednesday arrested a 14-year-old Palestinian would-be suicide bomber at a West Bank checkpoint after talking him into taking off his explosives vest at gunpoint, the army said.


Sky television aired footage showing Abdu removing his shirt and then the bulky vest, which had a detonator wire hanging from it, as soldiers and Palestinian passersby watched from behind the concrete barricades. Under orders from an Arabic-speaking soldier, the youth is seen to raise his hands in surrender.

“We passed him a pair of scissors to cut the vest free and then took him in to custody,” Guy said. According to an army spokesman, the 18-lb bomb was safely detonated.

Draped in an army greatcoat, Abdu was taken away after troops allowed the press to photograph him. Guy said the youth would be questioned to determined who dispatched him.

Etalkinghead Staff