Bush, Blair firm on Iraq

by on April 16th, 2004


“It was never going to be easy and it isn’t now” in Iraq, said Blair, who echoed Bush’s comments — and also his resolve.

“We will not waver in the face of fear and intimidation,” said the president.


Blair grew impassioned when asked whether he and Bush had misled their countries to go to war in Iraq. While the war will be debated for years, he said, “everybody should recognize the common interest today in making sure that Iraq achieves the aim that we sent out and that anybody with any sense in the international community supports.”

Bush, asked about critics who say his insistence on sticking to the June 30 deadline is politically motivated, said, “It’s a political year, everything I’m going to say is, you know, they’re going to say is political.”

Etalkinghead Staff