Bush campaigns for NASCAR votes

by on March 7th, 2004

The AP would have you believe that President Bush is campaigning for votes. Surprise, surprise! Seriously, though, is it any wonder that an incumbent president is campaigning for votes in an election year? To the media, pandering for votes is the lowest of the low, the bottom of the barrel. But have you known anyone to be elected in another way?

Until last month, President Bush hadn’t been to a NASCAR race since he was governor of Texas and running for president. On Monday, he goes to a rodeo and livestock exhibition in Houston — again, for the first time since he was governor.

I guess we’re supposed to make this out to be President Bush’s attempt to win over NASCAR voters. After all, Bush hasn’t been to a race since his last election. I agree; it is political pandering. But why I should care is slightly less than clear.

Presidential candidates campaign for votes. And if John Kerry even had a chance with the ‘NASCAR vote,’ he’d be at the track while President Bush rallied for votes with the labor unions.

I say get over it. Candidates campaign. And the more the media attempts to paint them in a negative light because of who they are targeting, the sillier the media looks.

Etalkinghead Staff