Bush chimes in

by on November 14th, 2003

Republicans last night continued their massive filibuster past the 30-hour mark.

The Senate talkathon was supposed to end at midnight Thursday. But Republicans added nine more hours to take them through 9 a.m. today, when they scheduled filibuster votes on three nominees.

President Bush called what Democrats have done to lead to the Republican filibuster “shameful,” namely the holding up of U.S. Appeals Court nominees.

Democrats still charge that Bush is nominating to the federal bench conservative ideologues.

But if true, why not put it to a vote. The Democrats’ unwillingness to put to a simple vote all of Bush’s nominations to the appellate bench–who just so happen to be women, black and Hispanic, all while being dreadfully conservative–is obvious. They know these nominations are shoo-ins for the Supreme Court if Bush wins reelection in ’04.

We can only hope so.

Etalkinghead Staff