Bush economy strong for new year

by on January 1st, 2004

This New Year’s, one thing I’m grateful for is the state of the American economy, both for the American people and President Bush’s reelection campaign. And no matter which way the left tries to spin it–be it with a loss of jobs or the deficit–the bad economy inherited from former President Clinton is back on track, with much thanks to President Bush’s tax cuts.

In 2003, the Dow Jones Industrials rose 25.3 per cent, the Nasdaq Composite 50 per cent and the Standard & Poor’s 500 26.4 per cent.[…]

In the end, the three main indices had their best annual performance in years, with the Dow notching its strongest gain since 1996 and the S&P its best since 1998.

The Nasdaq had its third best performance ever, behind a 57 per cent rise in 1991 and an 86 per cent gain in 1999.

And if the predictions are right, the economic indicators will continue to point up well into this year and possibly beyond.

Etalkinghead Staff