Bush most admired man of 2003

by on January 2nd, 2004

Much to the Democrats’ chagrin, President George W. Bush is the most admired man of 2003. And although Hillary Clinton shares the honor as the most admired woman of the year, her numbers come in at roughly half of the President’s, 16 percent to 29, respectively.

But according to Richard Benedetto of USA Today, the paper who shared responsibility for conducting the survey with CNN, the poll is nothing. Could it be because of the results? His precisely placed “just” should be a clue.

Just 29% listed the president as their first or second choice as most admired man.

I’m guessing he missed the lesson on plurality in college. And the conclusion to this nothing poll:

So there you have it. The 2003 most-admired list. It means little. But at this relatively slow news time, it fills space.

So why talk about it? For a man who thinks nothing of a such a meaningless poll, he sure is devoting much time to it, even subjugating himself to an entire column on the nothing topic. There are a million stories out there, and to write about the poll shows it’s the number one story of the day in his mind. Good. I agree, Mr. Benedetto.

Etalkinghead Staff