Bush reaffirms guest worker program

by on November 21st, 2004


Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) — President George W. Bush said he will push to change U.S. immigration laws to let undocumented immigrants work legally in the country, using the final day of an economic summit of Pacific Rim nations to court Latin America allies.

“We share a mutual concern to make sure our border is secure,” Bush after a meeting today with Mexican President Vicente Fox at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum in Santiago. “One way to make sure the border is secure is to have reasonable immigration policies.”

Bush and Fox say U.S. immigration laws should be modified so that immigrants who take jobs that U.S. workers aren’t filling can get legal status. Bush proposed outlines of the legislation almost a year ago. The Republican-controlled Congress hasn’t acted, and while Bush today renewed his support for the measure, he offered no public assurances that he would push lawmakers for action.

Etalkinghead Staff