Bush: Rumsfeld doing a ‘fine job’

by on December 20th, 2004


(CNSNews.com) – President George W. Bush said during a year-end news conference on Monday that he’s “pleased” Donald Rumsfeld is staying on as defense secretary since he is “doing a really fine job.”

“I was very pleased when he said ‘yes,’ and I asked him to stay on because I understand the nature of the job of the secretary of defense, and I believe he’s doing a really fine job,” Bush replied when asked how to reassure lawmakers that Rumsfeld should continue in the post.

“The secretary of defense is a really complex job. It’s complex in times of peace, and it’s complex even more so in times of war,” the president continued, noting that Rumsfeld has been overseeing two wars and a massive transformation of the U.S. military, among other duties.

Etalkinghead Staff