CBS poll shows Bush approval up

by on December 17th, 2003

President Bush’s numbers are up after Saddam Hussein’s capture, a new CBS poll shows. Up from 52 percent, Bush’s approval rating jumped six points to 58. His disapproval ratings are also down.

Bush’s disapproval ratings have shrunk to 33 percent from 40 percent prior to the capture.

Views about the economy are deservedly up as well, although not from the Saddam capture.

Fifty-five percent of Americans now see the economy in “good” shape, compared with 50 percent in November and 45 percent in July. Forty-one percent now see it in “bad” shape, compared with 48 percent in November and 52 percent in July.

And the bad news continues in for Democrats. The war, the economy–there’s just no way Bush can loose in 2004 if the numbers stay like this. Not that Bush needed the boost from Saddam’s capture anyway. A poll taken in New Hampshire last week showed that Bush would defeat Democratic front-runner Howard Dean by a margin greater than 25 points. Against an unnamed Democratic candidate, Bush still would win by more than 15.

Etalkinghead Staff