Clark: Iraq and al Qaeda linked

by on January 12th, 2004

Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark has never been one to suggest that Iraq and al Qaeda are linked, right? After all, the Bush administration has even stayed away from such a strong accusation, although the evidence is trickling in.

On Jan. 4 he had this to say: “There was no imminent threat from Iraq, nor was Iraq connected with Al Qaeda.”

But in a 2002 tape that has recently surfaced, Clark accuses the two of certainly being in bed together.

Certainly there’s a connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda,” he said in 2002. “It doesn’t surprise me at all that they would be talking to Al Qaeda, that there would be some Al Qaeda there or that Saddam Hussein might even be, you know, discussing gee, I wonder since I don’t have any scuds and since the Americans are coming at me, I wonder if I could take advantage of Al Qaeda? How would I do it? Is it worth the risk? What could they do for me?”

I suspect Clark’s change-of-heart having something to do with a certain presidential race he’s currently involved in.

Etalkinghead Staff