Clark quits presidential race

by on February 11th, 2004

Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark called it quits today after never really gaining the traction he expected. A retired General, many thought Clark would match up nicely with Bush in foreign affairs. But it was not meant to be.

“This is the end of the campaign for the presidency,” Clark said today.

After finishing a disappointing third in Virginia and Tennessee on Tuesday, Clark finally realized he never caught on with the American people. Maybe it was the flip-flopping.

Not only is Clark on record saying he voted for Republican and Democratic presidents, his outrageous claims can hardly be believed. His support of, and opposition to, the Iraq war is also suspect.

Certainly, the reason Clark never caught on is because the American people never could get a handle on who, exactly, Wesley Clark is.

He even managed to confuse fringe “documentarian” Michael Moore.

“[Clark’s] actually slightly to the left of Dean,” Moore said on CNN.

And because Clark never repudiated Moore’s endorsement, it’s yet another reason why the voters went running.

So bye-bye, Wesley. And for some reason I don’t think the voters will miss your two faces.

Etalkinghead Staff