Clark uses Clinton support against Dean

by on December 29th, 2003

Now that Dean has Gore’s endorsement, presidential candidate Wes Clark is looking for his own. And he’s found it in former President Bill Clinton. His newest television ad features Clinton placing the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Clark. One Democratic strategist sees it as a good thing.

“It shows General Clark as someone who is close to Bill Clinton. This will help him galvanize Democratic primary voters. They love Bill Clinton.”

And as far as mitigating the boost Dean received from Gore, it is a good thing. Dean leads all Democratic candidates by a wide margin, and Clark can use all the support he can get, especially from such a popular figure to Democratic voters in Bill Clinton.

Even though Clinton is denying support because the clip was free to use by the Clark campaign, he was made aware of its use and no doubt had a hand in giving the ad a thumbs-up.

This, coupled with Dean’s attacks on Terry McAuliffe, the current DNC chair, for not ushering Dean to the head of the Democratic Party shows that the Democratic infighting has begun, with the Clintons and Clark on one side and Dean and Gore on the other.

Etalkinghead Staff