Counting All the Votes

by on April 3rd, 2004

The state of Massachusetts, also known to many as Taxachusetts, has held an election of sorts in which every taxpayer has to vote. Taxpayers were given the option via a check-off on their state tax forms of opting to pay taxes at a higher rate. Checking the box results in a tax rate of 5.85% vs the standard rate of 5.3%.

All of the returns are not yet in but analysts are ready to predict winner.

With a total of 1.6 million returns filed, 510 taxpayers have elected to voluntarily pay the higher rate. I wonder if the very wealthy John, tax the rich, Kerry or his wealthy mentor Teddy Kennedy are among the 510.

Liberal lawmakers in Taxachusetts decry the check-off as a gimmick. Since it clearly demonstrates how their constituents feel about paying higher taxes I’d call it a very effective gimmick. Perhaps a similar gimmick could be added the federal tax forms.

Stephen Macklin