Darwin and his pretty face and sexy girlfriend

by on August 8th, 2005

All of mankind of which women consist 51% is biologically engineered to evolve.

At the beginning of life, in the mystic dawn of time, this was the single greatest sustaining force that created over the course of many thousand years a Civilization equipped with the cutting edge technology of breast implants and barcodes.

Yes, a new Civilization, more agreeable and less condescending, has been created for the people. Burger King has replaced the Bourbons in France and Spain, dwarfing even the notorious exploits of the Arabic Moors in that latter country.

The casual and the simple may argue that this is a far cry from the original intent of evolution, which for all other animals seemed to be designed to adapt to new challenges.

One would be correct of course in noting that adapting to new challenges is the keynote component, however, one must recognize that those challenges have complexified profoundly, changing forever the unassuming circuitry of the water borne gelatinous creatures who are said to be the original ancestors of man, and indeed, all other creatures.

While for most animals adapting to a simple factor such as length of neck produces a material advantage, it does not necessarily contribute to its general cognitive development. While the giraffe may never be a book lover, the inventor of wheel can most certainly be a lover of processed meat and pretty girls.

Ah, there it is! The word pretty: a veritable non-sequitur in the discussion of biological continuity. While a male Peruvian Llama can conceivably find his gender counterpart to be sexy, he would most likely be hard pressed to find that poor creature pretty.

In the cultivation of aesthetics mankind is differentiated from other creatures. Yet, in the depth of that appreciation lies a range of complexity that come tantalizingly close in varying shades of a mean figure of the entire range of human interpretation, while only in the minority does the word pretty remain abstract and independent of other elements. While most people may find, naturally, a pretty girl to be quite sexy, some amongst us find pretty girls to be just that: an ideal of symmetry delightfully tweaked with a mischief of spontaneity, contributing to an image of innocence, purity, and aspiration.

However, in a middle class democracy, the segmentation always centers largely around the mean figure: the average Joe or the average Dick.

When it comes to picking pretty over sexy, men and women in such a system are finding the going tough. Prettiness, character, personality as opposed to unfettered sexiness as the highest aspiration personified by our politicians and pop-artists through a media that finally made up its mind by the 1970s.

Indeed, I have noted once that the president of Afghanistan, Mr. Hamid Karzai was noted by the Esquire magazine as something to the effect of being ‘the sexiest man in the world’. While my 19 year old friend’s pretty girlfriend may obligatorily differ in her opinion, the point is nevertheless moot and to be noted. Indeed, most people I have noticed find sexy to be a higher compliment than pretty.

So pretty or sexy?

I made up my mind when I was in kindergarten, second guessed myself for a bit in the onset of puberty (I found myself madly infatuated with Jeri Ryan: a half-borg, half-human female called Seven of Nine from Star Trek Voyager), but have reverted back to my kindergarten weltanschauung.

Ah, yes: pretty please with a little extra spice and sauce on the side, and may I have some wine with that?

“I think the quality of sexiness comes from within. It is something that is in you or isn’t and it really doesn’t have much to do with breasts or thighs or the pout of your lips.”~ Sophia Loren (Italian film actress, b.1934).

Alexander Rai