Dean received special-interest donations while governor

by on January 9th, 2004

Just one day after it was made public that Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean spoke out against the caucus system in 2000 for being controlled by special interests and extremes, The Associated Press is reporting that while governor of Vermont, Dean accepted special-interest donations and contributions.

Dean had this to say in 2000:

“If you look at the caucuses system, they are dominated by the special interests, in both sides, in both parties,” Dean said on a Canadian television show in 2000.

But while governor, Dean was more than willing to accept money from special-interest groups he ridiculed.

While governor of Vermont, Howard Dean accepted personal pay from special interests at least five times for speeches and also received more than $60,000 in checks and pledges for his charity fund from insurers who benefited from a state tax break, according to documents and interviews.

The waffling governor does it again.

Etalkinghead Staff