Dean’s new TV ad attacks Democrats

by on January 13th, 2004

In a new television ad, Democratic front-runner Howard Dean finally hits back against the Democratic onslaught that has been going on since he received his Gore endorsement early last month.

The hard-hitting commercial comes as Dean went on the offensive, targeting several of his rivals and vowing to respond to any criticism. “I’m going after everybody because I’m tired of being the pin cushion here,” he said.

But these attacks are just another instance of Dean waffling. Last month, he challenged DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe to halt Democratic infighting so as to not alienate voters.

“If we had strong leadership in the Democratic Party, they would be calling those other candidates and saying, `Hey look, somebody’s going to have to win here,’ ” Dr. Dean, the former governor of Vermont, told reporters trailing him as he campaigned through central Iowa. Referring to one of Mr. McAuliffe’s predecessors, he added, “If Ron Brown were the chairman, this wouldn’t be happening.”

But to Dean, last month is a lifetime ago.

Etalkinghead Staff