Death of Hamas leader argued to bring more terrorism

by on March 22nd, 2004

It has long been known that terrorist organizations seek the destruction of their enemies. Even so, some still proclaim that any war against terrorism will bring more terrorism. But the question still lingers: Can an organization that seeks absolute destruction credibly commit to even more absolute destruction?

Sept. 11 came out of the blue. We had scored no political victories over al Qaeda, nor had we even started to wage war against terrorism as we now know it. Sure, some had disparaged our presence and so-called “meddling” in the area, but as far as the active pursuit of terrorism, it was unprovoked.

And since then, we have suffered no similar attack.

But following the recent killing of Hamas leader Ahmed Yassin, the subsequent vowing of revenge by assorted extremists, the Israeli left seems to think this victory against terrorism is a bad thing.

One member of the Israeli cabinet said that Yassin’s death could bring even more terrorist attacks.

Statements like that perplex me. Especially when considering terrorist groups such as Hamas have already vowed terrorist attacks against Israel. Or is that pushing them into the sea business just figurative?

And of course this has American repercussions: Will some political leaders rue the day we caught bin Laden for the same reasons? I’m sure they’re out there. But sane America doesn’t need to hear it.

Etalkinghead Staff