Defining victory in Iraq

by on December 4th, 2005

Next week’s open Iraqi election – as opposed to a murderous dictator and his sons running an oil-for-food scam while enriching the likes of George Galloway and his ilk – is a victory in and of itself. This will be the most open election in the entire history of the Middle East – a HUGE victory is unfolding before those whose eyes are open.

Syria out of Lebanon is a victory.

A weakened Syrian dictatorship (Assad) is a victory.

Jordanians en masse condemning one of their own – Zarqawi – is a victory.

Libya giving up nuclear weapons is a victory.

The economic boom in the Iraqi Kurdish north and Shia south is a victory.

Egypt holding its first ever election (even if it was mostly a farce) is still a big victory.

Citizens of dictatorships such as Azerbaijan asking President Bush not to forget about them are victories.

The Democratic Party being pulled further to the left and further away from reality is a victory.

Michael Hussey