Democrats challenge Nader bid in Arizona

by on June 23rd, 2004

The Democratic challenges to presidential candidate Ralph Nader have started, at least in Arizona. Today, two Democratic Arizonians filed a challenge against Nader’s November bid in the western state, citing fraudulent activities by Nader supporters collecting signatures for an appearance on the state ballot.

Not only might Nader have brought in petition circulators from out of state, thereby not meeting residency requirements, but some are alleged to be convicted felons.

So there go the Democratic challenges. And Democrats are making sure not to appear as though they are on a witch hunt to take down the man some think gave 2000 to President Bush.

But it’s an election year. And politics is politics.

The Kerry campaign told them they’re on their own, but didn’t exactly voice their opposition to the move.

Some Democrats are also clammoring about rules.

“The Democratic Party has a right to make to sure that those rules are being followed and that the law is met,” [a Kerry spokeswoman] said. “We’re abiding by them and it’s only fair that others abide by them, too.”

We should know better. While not officially sanctioned by Kerry and his ilk, the DNC or state Democrats, they’ll hardly shed a tear if Nader were disqualified from every state ballot tomorrow. And they’re surely digging up dirt on the candidate tonight.

To be sure, it’s already started.

Etalkinghead Staff