Democrats – The Obvious and Transparent

by on August 15th, 2007

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck more than likely the subject measured is a duck.

If the Islamic terrorist proclaim they are going to destroy the financial infrastructure of the western (mostly) Judeo-Christian world; if they threaten to and than do indiscriminately kill people regardless of age or gender, uniformed or civilian, the innocent, as well as, their not Muslim enough fellow Muslims. If evidence of this destruction is witnessed almost daily by millions from all over the geographic world one could logically believe that these Islamic terrorist are as declared. Their past behavior and present declarations are the best measure of their very serious threats; one can see the results of their destructive disregard in the pursuance of their bloody agenda; their intentions and evil designs are an affront to common sensibility and represent the descriptive of despicable evil. As a consequence of their ruthless, bloody uncompromising determination; many people are fully prepared to endure the time, spend the money, and dedicate the resources to physically eliminate the operational means of these Islamic terrorist and their host supporters.

On the other hand, Liberal Democrats have ignored all but one terrorist; they have elect Osama Bin Laden as their target of war-like pretensions; if Osama could be brought to justice then all the mayhem would disappear or at the very worst case, within the vague void of details that represents the Democratic military strategy; he would be contained.

This declaration of war against OBL is a ruse, a slight of hand, a down right contemptuous method of disguising their true intentions; which are to their charade marshal interest to cover their peace at any cost inclinations while at the same time pointing to Iraq as another fault of the Republican administration in general and George Bush specifically. If the Democrats had the fortitude of moral conviction they would assemble and simply vote not to fund the military and the war in Iraq; in short order the troops would leave Iraq and the war of American engagement would be over. The truth is the Democrats would rather have the war as a contentious issue for the 08 election; ending the war now is not their objective. Winning the general election of 2008 is their goal.

In an excerpt that appears in the April 30, 2007 print edition of U.S. News & World Report written by Michael Barone it is reported that the Democrats dont seem much interested in what is really happening in Iraq as reported by Gen. David Petraeus. The do in fact, seem to be acting like they want to end the war and at the same time dare not be seen as NOT funding the war.

Respective of all other national issues the only goal of the Democratic Party is to win the next election. They are Machiavellian disciples bent on winning the White House no matter the cost to national interest and concerns or American deaths.

When Islamic militants murderously threaten certain peoples of the world with death and destruction; when these threats are acted upon: Buildings destroyed, planes exploded, people killed, kidnapped, tortured, ambushed, and otherwise horrifically harmed; in this era of nuclear, biological, and bacteriological warfare, it is time for the people threatened to act offensively and physically rid the world of such a portentous element.

But herein is the problem: The Democrats are lobbied effectively by the persuasion of left leaning idealist, peace at all cost fanatics, social utopians, labor with cross purpose motivations and the abruptly naive who live as if in a Pepsi Cola commercial populated and managed by wide eyed minimalist who will always prefer to criticize than solve, point the finger of accusation than recommend solutions, these minimalist believe in the short cut to resolution which is simply to give the demanders their demands. Their credo of willful foreign policy design is to sincerely dialogue with the opposition to American interest; they believe that conversation will prompt understanding and empathy which in turn will rationalize contesting issues into a finality of compromising but mutual benefit.

Democrats are intrinsically in their heart-of-hearts cowardly pretenders; purple clothed hypocrites, wolves in the house of the common draped as in the interest of the poor, white knights of the downtrodden middle class, defenders of righteousness for the sake of what is right, all the while, they are in large measure millionaires, members of exclusive private clubs, and residents of exclusive neighborhoods; the contradiction to their political pretensions are obvious and plain.

One surely must recognize that these Democrats are ducks.

William Robert Barber