DNC, Jesse Jackson fined for campaign violations

by on May 27th, 2005


The Democratic National Committee and the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, Citizenship Education Fund Inc. run by Jesse Jackson yesterday each agreed to pay the Federal Election Commission $100,000 for violating the Federal Election Campaign Act.

The fines are punishment for infractions resulting from a joint get-out-the-vote and voter-registration campaign conducted by the DNC and the PUSH fund during the 2000 election, according to FEC documents.

In or around September 2000, Reverend Jackson and other Rainbow representatives reached an agreement with officials from the DNC that the Democratic Party would provide up to $450,000 to Rainbow to offset the costs of a partisan GOTV/VR campaign that would benefit Democratic Party candidates,? the FEC said in announcing the agreement.

Mr. Jackson’s speaking tour in support of the Democratic Party’s 2000 campaign included about 120 events. By the end of the tour, Mr. Jackson’s organization had spent nearly a million dollars.

Etalkinghead Staff