Donkeys used for terrorism, again

by on November 21st, 2003

Donkeys are being used by terrorists, apparently, to strike strategic targets in Baghdad.

Rockets fired from donkey-drawn carts struck two major hotels used by foreign journalists and the Iraqi Ministry of Oil Friday in a barrage that shook downtown Baghdad.

I can hear the headlines now: “Peta denounces use of donkeys in terrorist attacks, asks for terrorist apology.” It’s not too much of a long shot–they’ve done it before.

Last February a donkey on a terrorist mission was blown up in Jerusalem, prompting calls from the animal-activist group to Yasser Arafat asking that animals not be subjected to such use.

Animals claim no nation. They are in perpetual involuntary servitude to all humankind, and although they pose no threat and own no weapons, human beings always win in the undeclared war against them. For animals, there is no Geneva Convention and no peace treaty—just our mercy.

Never mind the people the donkey was set to kill while laden with explosives, just save the donkey! It’s convoluted idiocy.

Etalkinghead Staff