Exposed: France & Other War Critics Paid Off by Hussein

by on January 29th, 2004

ABC News is reporting tonight that it has obtained a copy of a document revealing lucrative oil contracts granted by Iraq to foreign supporters of the Hussein régime. ABC’s claims appear to corroborate previously posted reports appearing on the Drudge Report website indicating that Jacques Chirac may have had personal financial incentives influencing his opposition to the Iraq war (assumably in addition to personal moral objections).

The document reveals that the Hussein régime granted vouchers for the purchase of oil at discounted prices, which could later be sold at full price on the general market. All of this took place under the auspices of the UN’s Oil for Food program.

The list posted by ABC raises serious questions about several of the most vocal opponents of the war on Iraq. Among others, the list names:

It is unknown at this time if the ABC list is complete, or if ABC has merely obtained a section of the list in question. The existence of the list is sure to send shockwaves through the political community, and will call in question the objectivity of several prominent opponents to the Iraq invasion. It should of course be noted that many objections to the Iraq conflict were based on very legitimate grounds, but there is no doubt that ABC’s revelation will call the motives of some of the war’s most vocal global critics into question.

Damon Dimmick