Fake Kerry photo

by on February 15th, 2004

The Internet has been buzzing over a recent photo showing presidential candidate John Kerry sitting next to the infamous anti-Vietnam War protester Jane Fonda while giving a speech.

I thought it looked a little fishy when I first laid eyes on it, but it’s since been confirmed: it’s a fake. (Both pictures can be seen by following the link.)

The original photograph captured Kerry alone preparing to give a speech at the Register for Peace Rally held in Mineola, New York, on 13 June 1970 (three months prior to the event pictured in the previous Fonda/Kerry photograph). Someone has grafted an image of Jane Fonda with a microphone onto the picture and mocked it up as a newspaper photo to create an impression of closeness between the subjects.

Upon learning of this, FreeRepublic warned its readers about going live with the information. Good for them.

Etalkinghead Staff