Filibustering Republicans frustrate Democrats

by on November 13th, 2003

Last night Republicans demonstrated the absurd by being absurd.

[T]he Senate on Wednesday launched 30 hours of uninterrupted debate on President Bush’s political nominees not making it to the federal appeals bench, setting up cots and preparing to cast blame at each other throughout the night.

Finally hitting back with a filibuster of their own, Republicans are being accused of holding up work in the Senate. Democrats have been doing precisely that by refusing to put to a vote four important Bush nominees to the federal bench for months. Hitting them back with their own medicine is a great idea.

The bad thing is that Republicans are doing exactly the thing they are complaining about. The good thing is that it may draw attention to the unconstitutional super-majority requirement now demanded by filibustering Democrats.

Democrats claim that 168 judges have been confirmed by the Senate while only four have been held up without a vote.

But Republicans rightly counter that all four judges blocked by Senate Democrats just so happen to be U.S. Appeals Court nominees.

Coincidence? I think not.

Etalkinghead Staff