Five questions to ask Saddam

by on December 3rd, 2003

1) Some people in the United States feel that American military action in Iraq was unwarranted as a national security issue. If you were not housing or building weapons of mass destruction prior to the war, why did you not cooperate fully with UN inspections?

2) Your WMD posturing can be said to have led to the death of your two sons, their dead bodies then displayed to the world. How does that make you feel, and how safe do you really think you are?

3) You were interviewed by CBS anchor Dan Rather prior to war with the United States. Where on his body did you point the gun that led him to lob softball questions your way?

4) You are believed to have buried as many as 300,000 of your own people in mass graves across Iraq. If you were buried alive 300,000 times, would you finally see the anguish you have caused your people?

5) Some commentators feel that because WMD have not yet been found in Iraq, they never existed. Since you have not been found either, does it mean you never existed?

Note: These five questions are part of the King of the Blogs contest challenge.

Etalkinghead Staff