Fox praises flawed Bush immigration plan

by on January 8th, 2004

Mexican President Vicente Fox touted Bush’s new immigration reform policy today as a good thing. And why not? For a program that legitimizes the existence of illegal immigrants in the United States, the plan will inevitably funnel dollars into Mexico as workers send money back home to their families. Fox said of the plan:

“It is a demonstration of collaboration which we appreciate,” Fox said, adding: “We will continue working for an integral immigration treaty.”

But the plan, which will create a worker program for current Mexican illegals that will allow them to legally work in the United States, is actually an admission of failure. Because we have thus far been unable to stop the flow of illegals from entering through our porous borders, the new Bush plan reasons that we should throw our hands up in defeat and welcome what we cannot control.

Could you imagine if they did that with the war on terrorism? If one day Bush said that because international terrorism is rampant across the world we should succumb to their demands. Or how about Iraq? If we left the infant democracy because of the continued terror strikes only to watch Islamic extremists ascend to power.

Just because we are losing is no reason to not try. Quite the opposite, it’s a reason to try harder.

Etalkinghead Staff