Giuliani balks at challenging Clinton in 06, but what about 08?

by on January 26th, 2005

There truly is more than one way to skin a cat and perhaps frustrate destiny as well. In a universe far far away where a Rudy knocks off a Hillary in 06, the inevitability of a second Clinton nominated for Prez in 08 would be something less than assured.

But it would seem this is not that universe. From today’s NY Times:

The chairman, Stephen Minarik, said in an interview yesterday that party leaders were discussing potential candidates to challenge Mrs. Clinton, but that his first choice would be for Mr. Giuliani to run.

“I think Rudy would be a great candidate for us,” Mr. Minarik said. “I have not had a chat with him about it yet, but I am going to.”

Throwing out Mr. Giuliani’s name, even before the chairman spoke with him, may indicate just how much of a problem the Republicans face in coming up with a credible candidate to challenge Mrs. Clinton, Republican political strategists said.

Mr. Giuliani, through his spokeswoman, Sunny Mindel, said he “is not even thinking about politics right now,” and at least one person close to him said he had no desire to be one of 100 senators.

I some ways a pity. But the ringmaster is a Democrat, and a Clinton loss in 06 is a Senate loss as well. And we can use all the help that we can muster in that august chamber.

But at what price? A re-elected Hillary would be well positioned indeed for a run in 08. But that run would likely be unsuccessful for the reasons stated here by yours truly. And, noting the irony here, that defeat could at least in theory be at the hands of Rudy himself. How Shakespearean would that be?!? The unconsummated Political Celebrity Death Match 2000 finally on in 2008?

So I ask you, if we Dems hold the NY Senate seat in 06 but fail to gain, or heaven forbid even lose, additional seats and, having nominated Hillary in 08, then go on to lose a third consecutive presidential race, what will we have gained? Not much, my friends; not much at all.

Suddenly a Rudy – Hillary steel cage showdown in 06 doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Kit Robinson