Globalization: A specter or a Saving grace?

by on May 7th, 2005

A New World Order looms over the destiny of men today. The trials and tribulations of the Old World have shown mankind that ideologies are immaterial.

The spiritual incarnation of ego was nationalism. Many nations existed driven by this powerful movement. The spiritual vision of self-sacrifice for a greater good, under a distinct flag and a powerful anthem. A sense of community: a yearning redeemed, in sudden unity against an ‘enemy’ identified for the sake of a greater cause. The primitive needs of the flesh, engendered in slaughter, and sex, wrapped around noble miens and gray green cloth. Conflicting impulses of the carnal and the civilized tormenting reason and enraging the veins.

Yes. Those days are gone. At least in Europe, Japan and North America. They are slowly retreating from subcontinental India, and China. Slowly. The Middle East is witnessing its last struggle. A brotherhood of similar faces replaced by a brotherhood of similar needs.

Hail the New World Order.

Through brilliant, deliberate planning, and shrewd calculations the intellects of men have consummated a marriage between basic needs and basic government.

“I advocate world government because I am convinced that there is no other possible way of eliminating the most terrible danger in which man has ever found himself. The objective of avoiding total destruction must have priority over any other objective” declared Albert Einstein in 1948.

The slanted archetypes of man’s practical interpretation of spirituality as espoused behind national, religious, and class symbols, are stymied, degenerate, and discarded.

The New World which is based on multinationals, NGO’s, allied with the policing and legislative mechanism of the World Governments (amongst which are the US, China,Britain, Germany,India, France, and Japan) is an incarnation of the consumer.

Adam Smith’s invisible hands guide and mesmerize the movements and decisions of lifestyle and consumer behavior. Life revolves around consumption, and the old, and “failed”, value systems of communitarian, conservative, and etiquette-bound hamlet existence are quaint things of antiquity.

Yes. The promise of no more protracted wars, a commitment to standards of living are sound, and epically desirable. Yet quality of life dissipates.

Both parents work. The children grow up without a hearth. Fast food is replacing dinner table graces. Familiarity of honest smiles are memories of grandparents, and the fleeting manifestations in the newborn. Soon the kids would grow up. By the time they are three they ask: “Mommy am I too fat?”

Three types of popular music are surfacing, each fresh with symbols of globalization: sex-based relationships, sex-based idealizing, consumerism: all the gangstas are livin the fast life, full of bling and shizzlin’ the nizzle.

“Love” has become a continual deliberation, under the assumption of sex. Gratifications are immediate. Distant, long term gratifications are scary because no one knows if it’s going to work out in the future, and hell, what about now? Right now baby! Give it to me good.

Consider a song by Kasey Chambers called “Am I not Pretty Enough?”

Am I not pretty enough

Is my heart too broken?

Do I cry too much?

Am I too outspoken?

Don’t I make you laugh?

Should I try it harder?

Why do you see right through me?

Meanwhile, the sad, eyelinered, hearthrob from Greenday is busy walking a lonely road in his big time hit song “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”.

Divided between man’s deepest needs of community, bond, familiarity, and integrity; and things that soften and fatten the robust aggression of our primitive habits; man is searching, yearning, groping, crying, and fucking to find the equilibrium.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines equilibrium as,

1 a : a state of intellectual or emotional balance : POISE b : a state of adjustment between opposing or divergent influences or elements.

In Economics, equilibrium is where supply and demand meets.

Globalization: Enough to drive Arabs mad against the Jews, Austrians and South Germans vote for Right-Wing Fascists, fat men hate emaciated men trying to steal fat men jobs. Yet, miraculously, for the rest of us, it just… works?

One day, I pray; one day I pray that my children may have the best of both worlds.

So help us God.

Alexander Rai