Go Democrats

by on October 1st, 2007

A question of ethics: If a politician promises to give me something for free that I am now paying for and I vote for that politician did I sell my vote? Is the politician who made the offer liable for illegal solicitation of or offering to buy my vote? I was induced to believe that free health care for children and some others is a good thing; a moral endeavor, hell, as an American it is a right. Is it not? Well, if it isn’t it should be: John Locke and the Democrats say that it is a God given right; well, even if John Locke did not say that he should have.

My car is old. I really need a newer car; I also have no savings account; my roof leaks, and I really need a longer vacation with pay; I also do not eat enough steak; and my mother lives too far away to baby sit the kids. Will a politician make a similar promise for those needs? To me each of those needs is just as important as health care for children and some others. If they want my vote they need to give me more than just health care.

The truth of the matter is I am a simple common man a man beholden; I know that the benefits I receive at work are because of the integral good graces of union management. That’s why I pay my dues. I have been told and I believe the government and union management knows what is best for me. I vote Democratic because my momma did and I do not vote for Republicans because my father said they’re not for the common man. One can clearly discern I am the average American. I do admit, I just do not think for my self; but, I do believe thinking for my self is no longer a necessity. Besides, how can I be held responsible of any of my actions considering that when I committed those actions I did so without legal representation? I did not go to Harvard or Yale; in fact, I never did much book learning; my education was free; nevertheless, I did not take advantage; I do not think I should be penalized for what I did not do as a child. I was not an adult; I should not be held responsible for any precursor education that I did not take advantage of because, well, because. I think it is unfair that people who went to school, studied, worked hard, make more money than I do; it is just unfair and the government should compensate me for my resulting financial disparity; they’re rich I should get something from them; they have so much and I have so little.

The media tells me what I need to know; between the editorial comments of CNN Fox, and the New York Times all truth is safe harbored and if there is more I really do not need to know everything. If there is controversy or confusion, I simply listen to sound bites and look at pictures of my elected representatives; they are always well dressed and sometimes say the nicest things.

I do not want anyone to think I lack opinions; I have lots of opinions: I think the war in Iraq should come to an end; the Palestinians and the Israelis should stop fighting immediately; I think that all peoples should have free access to health care; I think everyone should have an exemplary education; no one should go hungry; every American should own their own home; no one should be poor; no one should be sad, and everybody should be happy.

I am also very practical; I know the world is round and I also know that tangibles cost cash-real money. Therefore, to pay for all of these heretofore mentioned American rights I plan on taxing smokers, (I don’t smoke) smoking is bad and should be irradiated; but of course government has no right to legislate good sense; I read that somewhere; anyway, I also want to tax gamblers, I would want 50% of their winnings and 10% off of every bet place; naturally, if the gambler won, the 10% would subordinate into the 50%; I’m not totally loco. I also want to tax everything we Americans eat that is white in color or has over 1/2 gram of sugar. I want to tax stamps, molasses, rum, and tea; oh yes, I also want to tax lap dancing dancers because it is just as sinful/bad as smoking; now, I understand that taxing could drive these products and services underground into the black market, these taxes may abate usage, or even eliminate their use and therefore, endanger even severely jeopardize, the funding of these services…so if all else fails. I plan a special tax on all of the legislators that voted for these new taxes; for example; if an elected representative lives in a house worth more than one million dollars he or she must sell the house and give half to the government; of course the real estate agent can only charge 3% commission on these sales; if the legislator has more than one million dollars in cash or cash instruments then all except one million is forfeited to the government. After all, I do not live in a house valued over one million; plus, these legislators do not need to live so luxuriously and people need to have these rights of Americans implemented.

I also think that when the government buys anything from any person or entity it should use its VISA or MasterCard so that the government can earn points and those points should be given to common Americans like me. Go Democrats!

OK! They’ve got my vote…

William Robert Barber