Gore to endorse Dean

by on December 9th, 2003

Shifting with the political winds, former presidential candidate Al Gore is expected to endorse uber-liberal Howard Dean later today.

“This is huge,” said Donna Brazile, who was Gore’s campaign manager in 2000. “It gives Dean what Dean has been missing most: stature. Gore is a major-league insider, somebody with enormous credibility that Democrats respect, who can rally the grass roots and who’s been speaking very strongly in the last few months about the direction he wants to take the country.”

Would that be the respect and credibility of Gore? Of a man who chooses not to endorse Joe Lieberman, his 2000 running mate? Hah! It’s one more reason why we should not trust the politicians of a party that can’t even keep their political support straight. They’ve taken a turn for the worse, and their party platform now stands upon the legs of an anti-Bush coalition that transcends previous political alignments. Let the Democratic realignment continue; it only makes things easier for Bush.

Update: Proving my suspicions about a Democratic realignment, Gore said today while endorsing Dean that a remaking of the Democratic party is in order.

“We need to remake the Democratic Party, we need to remake America,” Gore said.

Gore also offered evidence supporting my claim that the Democratic Party of today is nothing more than an anti-Bush coalition.

“This nation cannot afford to have four more years of a Bush-Cheney administration,” he said.

Realignments and anti-platforms–this is the party wanting us to entrust them with the presidency of ’04? I think not.

Etalkinghead Staff