Governor Wants Illegals to Have “Certificates” to Drive

by on February 7th, 2004

On Thursday, Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen introduced legislation to allow illegal aliens to receive driving “certificates” instead of driving licenses. With a “certificate” in their possession, illegals will be able to drive legally in the state of Tennessee.

Once you blow away the political smoke, this is just another case of a spineless politician catering to the pro-illegal voting bloc. My take is that Gov. Phil Bredesen should be recalled or, if that’s not possible, he should be voted out of office as soon as possible. Gray Davis didn’t get away with it in California. Gov. Bredesen shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it in Tennessee.

What is most troubling about the trend toward having non-citizens have driver’s licenses or “certificates” is that it is a devaluation of United States citizenship. If a person can come to this country as a foreign national without a passport or visa and have the ability to drive legally, to attend public schools, to receive in-state tuition at universities, to buy and sell property, to receive welfare and emergency medical care, just what advantage is there to being an honest-to-goodness US citizen?

Do not be surprised if, sometime in the near future, US citizens pretend to be illegal aliens so they can reap benefits that are not available to citizens. One scenario that immediately comes to mind is the individual who has had his driver’s license revoked. What prevents that person from claiming he is an illegal alien and requesting a driver’s “certificate?”

Mike Pechar