Guest worker program invites amnesty seekers

by on February 24th, 2004

His critics certainly saw it. For an immigration plan that attempts to deal with the very real aspect of illegal immigration, the plan has already failed. President Bush’s new immigration proposal, which would open to illegal immigrants jobs which they already do, does not grant amnesty. But tell that to the illegal immigrants now crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in record numbers.

Indeed, the National Border Patrol Council recently reported that in San Diego alone apprehensions have tripled. And when questioned, most of the immigrants said that they were seeking amnesty in the United States. Furthermore, most of those arrested at the border had no prior history of immigration violations.

Granted, President Bush’s immigration policy proposal does not grant amnesty to illegals. It provides guest worker permits to those already living in the United States, and only in instances where the employer can prove no Americans want the jobs.

But I thought this was an immigration plan. When the very ones you are trying to dissuade from crossing illegally do so in larger numbers after proposing a new solution, the solution has much to be improved upon.

Many times, perception rules politics. This is one of those times. And this time we need a new proposal to reflect the reality of the situation.

Etalkinghead Staff