How the Left Can Deal With Nader

by on March 16th, 2004

If the mainstream media is so concerned about a “Nader Nightmare” taking down their favored son, John Kerry, I have a simple counter-balance solution: highlight the Libertarian candidate. Certainly, libertarian ideals of freedom and non-initiation of force will appeal to a broad swath of voters who are fed up with both candidates, but have no interest in voting for the Marxist Nader. Of course, libertarianism is revolting to the leftist cowards hiding behind the institutional legitimacy of the NY Times and the litany of left-leaning outlets across the country.

Rather than hide behind the political double-speak Kerry spouts out in order win the hearts of voters, Nader has no problem clearly and publicly advocating Marx’s “Ten Planks of Communism,” almost word for word from the Communist Manifesto. The press will brand him “extreme” to induce fear in the electorate, but that word simply means “unelectable.” Instead, they push on for the Democrat, though behind closed doors, they would prefer a Nader presidency.

The problem for third-party candidates who advocate personal responsibility and an eradication of the welfare state is that the mainstream press corps ideologically agree with the socialist Nader’s positions and hates any consistent message of individual freedom; they simply do not have the courage to admit this.

Because the dominant left-stream press cannot ideologically refute Nader’s positions, he is provided with just enough of a public voice to make a difference in the election. This creates a Catch-22 for the ideologically confused leftists who, above all else, do not want to lose to Bush. Hence, this confusion leads to the anti-Nader uproar from those who on the left who desire power and control of the presidency above their socialist ideals.

On the other hand, the mainstream press corps could not be more ideologically opposed to libertarianism and the rigorous protection of individual rights that weave the beautiful fabric of the United States of America. Out of a fear of entertaining a popular uprising for liberty, news editors around the country do not offer fair and balanced coverage to anti-leftists of any stripe. May they dig Kerry’s political grave in the process.

Michael Hussey