IAEA averts eyes from own reports

by on December 3rd, 2003

Kenneth R. Timmerman over at Insight discusses Iran’s attempts to fool the world–and how the IAEA is buying it.

Despite having discovered previously undeclared facilities suspected of carrying out weapons-related work, IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei concluded in a confidential report on Nov. 10 that the watchdog agency had found “no evidence that the previously undeclared nuclear material and activities . . . were related to a nuclear-weapons program.” That conclusion, Rademaker noted acidly, was “simply impossible to believe” and was “not supported by the IAEA’s own report.”

As I’ve documented before, the IAEA’s findings simply do not fit with their claims.

The report documented that Iran has produced small quantities of plutonium, which have no purpose besides that for a nuclear bomb, along with identifying that the nation had engaged in covert testing of centrifuges with nuclear material.

All that, and the IAEA swears Iran is up to nothing.


Etalkinghead Staff