Illegal Alien Girls Held On Fear of Suicide Bombing Plot

by on April 7th, 2005

From a report in the New York Times:

Two 16-year-old girls from New York City were arrested last month and charged with immigration violations after the F.B.I. asserted that they intended to become suicide bombers, according to a government document.

Both girls are illegal aliens, one from Guinea and the other from Bangladesh. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Division has not elaborated on their arrests other than to confirm that they are in custody.

According to Adem Carroll, a community activist with the Islamic Circle of North America, as a result of a family dispute between the Bangladeshi girl and her parents police became aware of some of the girl’s writings which discussed suicide. Subsequently and after the girl was questioned, a detective notified the family that the girl “had extremist beliefs and promoted concepts like suicide bombing.”

Whenever Islamic fundamentalist illegal aliens writing about suicide are identified, it’s entirely reasonable to deem them as threats. I would.

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Mike Pechar